Wednesday, April 10, 2019

I Went Through My Grocery Bill

I'm overly detailed when it comes to my budget. I've been this way for years. This time I decided to take a deep dive into what we actually spend on meals. I found a few things which might be surprising especially for those who eat out instead of home cooked meals. Turns out we spend about $1.50 for a home cooked hamburger with sesame bun. About $2 on side dishes (fries and salad). In other words about $7 for the two of us. I have no idea where a couple could buy a meal like this outside for less.

Other foods include-- 11.5 cents per egg. We snack on 6 slices of a pie which cost us $1.00 each over three nights. Macaroni cost 60 cents a box + the costs for generous amounts of cheese which last us two nights. Wegmans ice cream $2.39 compared to Breyers which is $4.79. Marie Callender's pot pies $1.57 each.

Everything we spend at the grocery store for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the extras I allocate $400 a month, The wife spends about another $50 a month for the grandkids which eat breakfast and lunch 5 times a month here when they visit. Sometimes a bit more. Sometimes less.

Question is-- has anyone thought about how much they spend?

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