Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The WAHS Marching Band In Oct. 1984

The other day I posted how the WAHS band is lucky to have 25 marching members in parades. It wasn't always that way. Here's the Canary Marching Band's performance at their 3rd annual Invitational Band Festival held on October 1984. MY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED!

Things around here will never ever again be the same as it once was when I was growing up. Not just the ASD but just about everything else as well. If I hadn't seen this video I would have thought my brain was hallucinating past events. What the hell happened?

I sure was lucky to grow up when I did. What a shame today's generation in Allentown will never experience what mine did. Jobs in abundance, safe, clean and just about everything else that was expected of a 1st class city. I'll always have those memories.

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