Thursday, March 28, 2024

Let's Talk About The 4th Dimension?

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Simply stated, a 4th component that combines our 3 dimensional world and it's resultant time distortion into a single continuum.

We tend to define time as the speed at which light travels. However space-time may be something entirely different.

In our world of perception there are points A, B & C. Up, Down and across and also the "time" (speed of light) it takes to get to any of those.

In the world of quantum physics the speed of light is no longer a restrictive component (at least mathematically speaking).

The theory is that life itself (as we are familiar with it) is considered a delusive effect resulting from the relationships between that of A, B and C and our own selves (awareness).

How we interpret time could be little more then a product of those three's interactions. On the other hand suppose that everything is happening at once and our 3D world separates us in some way to make sense of it all.

It's similar to millions of RF waves all being broadcast at the same time. Only when certain perimeters are defined can a signal be picked out from amongst the cacophony and processed in a manner so chosen to make sense. Some become TV. Others radar returns, radio broadcasts, cell phone signals, GPS coordinates, etc.

Let me put this another way. The snow on your TV's audio and screen is the result of every RF wave the receiver is capable of receiving. It's only when the RF is filtered down to conform to the TV's built in logic that it is able to translate that into something our senses can make sense of. Our human brains do the same.

Quantum physics offers us an intriguing question. What if everything that ever was is entirely in the here-and-now exclusively? That everything we think we know is only the resultant reception (perception) of A, B, and C.

For one thing, distance would no longer be an obstacle. Neither would the times of past events be anything other then a illusion. In other words what we refer to as time & distance is limited by our perceptions of them.

Einstein's mathematical equations have proven time (as we measure it) is defined by the interactions between A, B and C. It does account for quantized space-time. While his theory holds correct for the three dimensional universe, it does not take into consideration a fourth dimensional explaination. The space-time element part of the equation.

Carl Sagan

I could go on endlessly speaking about what this implies regarding metaphysics, space & time travel or even heaven itself. I leave it here, at this point, for readers of this blog to further conjecture the implications of such things for one's self.

The Bible states..
"So God created human beings in his own image.
"In the image of God he created them"

In other words everything in this world (as we perceive it) is only a partial representation of greater reality. Our brains simply are not capable of processing the information it would need to recognize a greater existence. Much like a computer can't comprehend a human is behind it's very existence. We may not be able to comprehend the 4th dimension, but we can speculate as to it's possibility.

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