Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Sen. Judiciary Cmte On Stopping Gun Violence

Today (05/11/2021) they held a hearing this morning on stopping gun violence. Ted Cruz falsely claims 'ghost guns' are a made up problem. Here's a edited version of the almost two hour meeting.

So once again there was Ted Cruz blowing smoke as usual. This is why nothing ever gets done. Congress talks, talks and talks some more but does little if anything. Ted as usual throws his BS around. Then gets up and leaves the hearing never listening to a single word anyone else had to say. Including the invited witnesses testimonies. As usual he ends up raising the level of his voice as if it would lend creditability to the absolute nonsense he was spewing.

My question is why the hell was Cruz there if he wasn't going to participate? Never mind I know the answer. Because the only opinion that matters to him is his own. A fool who is all mouth no ears. Someone who doesn't need any more information cluttering up his tiny little brain. His is a mind made up no matter what the issue and refuses to take even a minute to listen to anyone else. A guy who is going to use his comments on FOX news to garner even more money and attention to himself. Especially the accusations he threw against Democrats claiming they want to get rid of police (which was nothing more then a diversion). He knows it will go over well on conservative outlets.

That said, as anyone can plainly see none of this will go anywhere. Republicans ='s guns, guns more guns. Democrats ='s reasonable laws against the reckless proliferation of guns. Never the twain shall meet.

March 07, 2021

If there were justice in this world Cruz would be forced to sit in a chair to watch this video. How dare he accuse cities run by democrats as not a problem he himself helps create for them.

How so very frustrating knowing congress will probably pass no additional legislation. Not surprising.. but still it is frustrating.

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