Sunday, August 4, 2019

Social Security Funding Reminder (Ditch Mitch)

Mitch needs to go before he does more damage.

In 2016 Obama Said..


  1. Yeah well I promised myself not to get into more political matters. Yet here I go again :-)

    Here's an obvious question. Why are these rifles called "assault weapons"?

    Notice they are not called "hunting rifles" nor "target rifles". There's a reason for that. Because they were designed as automatic weapons with the singular purpose of eliminating as many enemy combatants as possible in the least amount of time.

    Unless some rogue militia group or some but job plans on taking down as many police, civilians or government troops they serve no other purpose. Hence why they were once banned and should be again.

  2. As long as people keep using these rifles to kill people, why would anyone not want someone to use one to defend themselves.I tend to agree with Joe Biden who advised folks to buy 12 ga. shotguns


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