Thursday, August 1, 2019

Politics Low Hanging Fruit For This Blogger

Some my find it hard to believe but most of my personal time is not spent on politics. It's just that it is an easy subject to fill my blog up with. I know I said this before but I have to stop focusing some much of my time on this subject here on this blog.

When I visit other sites I know how it turns me off when others post their opinions which don't agree with mine. I stop following them. Hence I really do need to do less of this kind of stuff.

So yeah I'll try and have yet another go at postings which hold my greater interests. Things like entertainment and humor. Let's see how it goes.

Stay Tuned.. No Promises

News Of The Day
Two neighbors got their second ticket ($50) for parking on the street during sweeping day.

Babysitting Stepdaughters cat while she and twin granddaughters visit Ocean City, NJ. Neediest cat in the world. Love it to death but ye gads!.

Couldn't wait till warm weather to open the windows. Now that's it's hot they're closed again. Can't wait till fall's cooler days.

Even Pennsylvania's state flower is wilted!

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