Thursday, August 1, 2019

Democratic Debates A Stupid Waste Of Time

For anyone wishing to decide on a candidate these debates will do nothing for them. Let me explain how these usually work.

Most of them are proven simple courtroom tactics. For example every lawyer will try distracting the jury away from the facts. They do this in several ways. One way is to appeal to their emotions. Another is to try and tarnish their opponents character. Still another to make a false accusation. After the other side objects, the judge he/she will tell the jury to disregard. Of course they never will. Unlike courtrooms the debate responses are constrained by a timer making it impossible to fully respond. These are the three key elements employed in every debate.

Since these goofballs decided to attack each other rather then go after the incumbent president they've handed him a present. One which no doubt conservatives will exploit in campaign advertisements. Dopes!

Nobody should have agreed to them till early next year. We're over a half a year away from the primaries. By January at least half will drop out making it less of a media sideshow. Hell voters can't remember what candidates said last week little alone six months before. By the time this bunch is done flapping their gums most people will be either become pissed off or too exhausted to even listen.

In the first place debates this early are a bad idea. However if candidates insist on doing them here's the way they should have been done. (1) They shouldn't allow the commentators to drag them into a fight with one another. Instead candidates should respectively point out how their plans may be better. (2) Should save their criticisms for their final opponent after the primaries. (3) Most importantly we're all fed up with a bunch of false promises they couldn't possibly achieve.

We're up to our ears with these wannabe's playing the blame game. Enough with the trash talking. I, for one, am not looking for another self interested pied piper but rather someone who has a genuine interest in transforming this country into what our forefathers intended it to be.

Please Take 10 Minutes To Watch This Video

My impression of this video is we are continually walking a fine line between those too far right or left. Each election is as important as any of the others. There are no guarantees. Which direction voters take in 2020 will decide our fate. What say you?


  1. I got confused with all the discussion on health care insurance . The medicare for all except if you want to keep your employer provided insurance.There must be a reason all these candidates are running ,I don't know that reason

    1. I think they'd be better off trying to talk about lowering insurance premiums, drug and medical treatment prices. As I see it the problem isn't with getting coverage in this country. The problem is how much it costs.


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