Saturday, February 16, 2019

United States Criminal Judicial System Stacked Against Defendants

There's a few more things in government's favor. (1) If you someone can't afford bail they're forced waiting it out till their trial comes up. In others words jailed before proven guilty. In some cases many months.

(2) He who has the most loot is favored to win. Prosecutors only have so much money in their budget to charge cases. This problem can be overcome by seizing a defendant's assets leaving them with practically no money to fight their charges.

(3) The less then wealthy tend to plead guilty because they cannot afford the prohibitively expensive court costs for going to trial (especially ones with a jury).
Another ridiculous thing to me are the adjudication of these DUI cases. Sometimes these cases take a year (sometimes more). Meanwhile the offender (perhaps an alcoholic) is still behind the wheel. Again like I mentioned above it's the ones without means who suffer the harshest consequences being unable to afford the first offender programs.

If we wanted to be fair everyone charged should be assigned a lawyer by the court. Under the current system the wealthiest have the advantage of being able to afford a team of lawyers. Meanwhile the poor are given representation by no doubt a lawyer who resents be dragged into court away from his more lucrative clients.

All I'm saying is our justice system needs improvement. The current setup hasn't been considered revising. Is it because it's more economically advantageous to government rather then considering a fairer way of bringing justice for all?

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