Saturday, February 2, 2019

Introducing FOX News #1 Public Enemy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

I find it interesting that not one news day will pass without FOX News bringing up AOC. They cannot help themselves from mentioning Venezuela almost in the same breath. They seem to be very consumed by this 29 year rookie representative in the house. Out of all the major big hitters in Washington this one seems to scare them the most.

Scared Much?
Seems like it to me


  1. I always enjoy watching Congressman Cortez on T.V.. Democratic members of Congress also appreciate seeing Ms. Cortez because it takes the heat off of them

    1. She certainly does have a way of rattling people who'd rather not be rattled. I think her claim to fame isn't what she might be able to get passed into legislation. Too many people oppose her ideas. Although she could possibly inspire some to write more moderate forms of similar legislation.

      Rather it's the way she exposes Washington's way of doing business. For example one of her tweets pointed out committee members receive questions from lobbyist for what they're suppose to ask people called before them. Wait till she finds out many of the bills are actually written by lobbyist. I'm sure we'll hear about that too when she does.

    2. The other thing worth mentioning. There are 434 other members in the House of Representatives. Yet we only hear from a handful. Meaning about 400 others are mostly made up of seat warmers. At least she can't be accused of being a 'seat warmer'.

      Like you said, "it takes the heat off of them."


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