Saturday, February 16, 2019

Amazon Blames Ocasio-Cortez for NYC Retreat

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Amazon Spokesperson Blames Ocasio-Cortez for NYC Retreat

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What The Inkies Are Saying

I heard one discussion on cable news that said these "socialist liberals" unfairly ruined this for the people of New York. Rather then socialism I think the term "oligarchy" should be the greater fear.

Oligarchy -- "A form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. These people might be distinguished by nobility, wealth, family ties, education or corporate, religious or military control."

I'll tell you what's unfair. To give the non IRS tax paying highly profitable Amazon a $3b tax break. In New York City alone there are over 200,000 other businesses. Where's their tax break? They've been paying New York taxes (many of them for decades) yet some company out of nowhere was bribed by officials to come into their state to compete with them for employees and market share. All while they are suppose to keep paying for services Amazon would also benefit from.

Oligarchs are masters at pointing people in the direction they want people paying attention to. They chastise people like Ocasio-Cortez for wanting to use taxpayers' money on the less wealthy people they represent. They label her and others "socialists" when it's they themselves mooching off government through tax forgiveness programs. Most of which no doubt would had to be made up through employees paychecks instead.

Also worth noting. Amazon already employs over 5,000 combined in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island. It's not like they needed to be tax bribed for these. If they really thought it worthwhile to establish a HQ2 I'm sure they could have afforded one if they felt it necessary for their bottom-line. Now spokespeople are saying they might not do a HQ2 anywhere. So yeah let's blame this on some 29 year old Jr. house member who's congressional district wasn't where Amazon's HQ2 was suppose to go. She represents eastern parts of the Bronx and Queens.

Seems to me politicians, media and Amazon are empowering AOC's far more then she ever could alone. Let's not forget she carries only 1 vote out of 534 other members in congress. Keep drawing everyone's attention towards her and who knows how far they'll enable her to go. She reaches presidential age in six years. I imagine this scares the bejeezus out of more then a few people :-)

How the Amazon deal fell apart



  1. I remember the State of New York broadcasting bring your business ect. to receive various benefits on the cable news outlets shortly after the governor was elected.With the socialists being opposed to Amazon it made sense not to expand in N.Y.

    1. "socialists"?
      Actually they were smart to see through this scam unlike Alletown where the taxpayers' NIZ money flows like water while our taxes contine to go up like crazy. We were pretty much told the same thing.

      Now Amazon says they aren't even cosidering expanding in one of the other 257 cities which competed. Could it just be they were never serious unless they could make out like BANDITS?

    2. I said, Could it just be they were never serious... See my video update

  2. I have been following Mayor de Blasio's whining over this Amazon deal.If the Governor and Mayor can't control A.O.C., Who can ? Once again I fail to follow Leonard Nimoy's advice.

    1. You're blaming AOC? Obviously you didn't read the link I provided--- "How the Amazon deal fell apart". Not a word in that piece mentioned AOC's influence.


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