Monday, February 18, 2019

An Idea For Allentown Storm Drains

I found this on 'Bored'
In 2018, the city of Kwinana in Australia installed two drainage nets in Henley Reserve. Before these nets were installed, workers would pick up these trash by hand. The total cost of these nets came to be around $20,000 which is way more cost-effective compared to paying for manual labor. This simple invention turned out to be way more useful than anyone expected. In just four months the nets caught around 815lbs (370kg) of trash.

If you are inspired to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our waters, we encourage to learn more about plastic pollution, and how it affects our earth. Organizations like Greenpeace are doing their best to educate society on the problems of water pollution and single-use plastic. If you are interested, you can help 'Greenpeace' by donating to them.

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