Thursday, July 28, 2016

WikiLeaks- Something Stinks

Check it out for yourself. Here's a list of what was published so far.

Anyone else notice something suspicious? Julian Assange seems to have no problem acquiring nearly all his document dumps against the United States and our allies. Yet can't seem to break into China's or Russia's systems. Give me a break.

It's no secret Julian Assange was pissed off with Obama's call to Turkey wanting to hang his ass out to dry in 2010. Another ally he eventually document dumped on.

Obviously he's no fan of the United States. Could there be more to it? Who's paying his expenses for his stay at the Ecuadorian embassy? If this guy's so hot on transparency when are we going to see the inner workings of Russia and China's military and inside their political goings on? Ok so you broke into the DNC's computers.. Am I supposed to believe the RNC's are impenetrable? What about Donald Trump's emails?

Face it this guy seems more like a modern day "Tokyo Rose" pitted against the United States then some guy who's sacrificing his life for some noble cause. Who's really behind this guy?

Yeah sure Hillary Clinton is no angel, but if he's going to spill the beans on her, why not all the others? For damn sure they're no angels either. Neither is Russia and China he seems to ignore almost entirely.

I wasn't born yesterday. This guy's got an agenda.

The question that needs to be asked is why and what's in it for him?

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