Tuesday, February 7, 2023

We Don't Need Another Hotel Downtown Allentown

According to WFMZ Allentown zoning is considering plans for a new hotel.
We need another one at 10th & Hamilton like a hole in the head. We already seen the failure of those at 5th, 9th and 15th on streets on Hamilton. Why would anyone think this would fare any better? The only way the Americus Hotel down at 8th and Hamilton can survive is by not introducing more unnecessary competition.

It said plans are for a bar, restaurant and entrainment center (whatever that is). Lord knows how many other bars and restaurants have already come a gone. Yeah let's just keep repeating.

Somebody please explain to me why the need for anyone to stay overnight in Allentown or another bar/restaurant for that matter?


  1. Well, because the costs to construct all of this will be paid for by Pennsylvania taxpayers (who will get no equity interest in it) what difference does it make if ANY of it is successful?

    1. I've learned it would be another NIZ project. So you're right. This is crazy BS.

  2. Who would stay in a Hotel in Center city Allentown ?


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