Saturday, February 4, 2023

Chinese Spy Balloon- Just Saying...

Nitwits ​are having a conniption over this. Trump Jr. wanted it shot down by people in Montana. Not that it is even possible. Other GOP members in congress want to know why Biden didn't fill them in, though he knew about it days before.

Just saying...
Shoot it down. Did any of these knuckleheads ever think it could be a setup and exactly what China wanted us to do? Who knows if there's radiation or other contaminants onboard. It's size is about three bus lengths long. I sure as hell wouldn't want it crashing through my roof. It is said we will attempt to take it out once it gets over the Atlantic. To my way of thinking a much safer alternative.

Then there's this. Did any of these ill informed melon heads ever watch "Colombo"? The whole TV series show's format is an exaggeration on how detectives play dumb to achieve their desired outcome. Imagine what we might have learned by hacking into it's transmissions unbeknownst to the Chinese as it crossed overhead these last few days.

Best to never tip our hand on what we know. Example-  Years ago we spied on the Iraq invasion of Kuwait by tapping the buried communications line to their troops in the South. Secondly General Norman Schwarzkopf informed the loose lipped media in Kuwait telling them to keep quite about our invasion by Navy seals from ships. Course the press cameras and bright lights were waiting for the seals on the beach live streaming it. What the general really was up to was hitting them from the North cutting them off at the knees from behind. Yeah that's right he knew loose lips sink ships and used it to his advantage. Through this deception the general played both the press and Saddam Hussein no doubt watching on TV. Same goes with playing dumb with this balloon I'm assuming.

Frankly I hope we never find out what our intelligence gathered with this incursion. Even the information garnered if they should recover this in the Atlantic after being shot down. So everybody squawking about this needs to clam up .Trust that our nation can handle this a lot better then know nothing politicians and  pundits on TV. Especially those basement dwelling experts commenting on social media.

In short... play dumb like a fox. 

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