Friday, January 20, 2023

U. S. House Hardly At Work

Here is the U.S. House calendar​ for Februarty 2023.
As you can see they are in session for only eight days next month. The light grey days are for supposed work days in their home districts. Anyone see them walking around your area?

You'd think after the country hit the debt ceiling and all the other things on their plate they'd put a lot more effort into it. It makes one wonder why they are paid $174,000 year to make this little effort. Also keep in mind the majority of the time is spent campaigning although they may not call it that. Anybody ever call their representative's office when they are supposed to be in their hometown and actually get to speak to them? I doubt it.

By the way I have an most excellent easy solution to solving the issue of whether to raise the debt limit. For every day it's not raised dock each their pay. Bet the problem would be solved in less then one session. No legislation, no pay. It's that simple.

Course if they wouldn't have handed out $1.5 trillion in tax breaks. Followed through in collecting from deadbeat taxpayers. Nor other later administrations pissing away the Clinton administration budget surpluses from 1997-2001 worth $1.1 trillion we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. Many people don't remember Clinton's final four budgets were balanced budgets with surpluses.

President Bush's added $5.849 trillion to the debt. Obama budget deficits totaled $6.781 trillion over his eight years in office. Trump another $6.6 trillion added in deficits in his short 4 years in office. Here are the U.S. Budget Deficits by President

It's common knowledge the Republicans are looking to make budget cuts through Social Security, Medicare and other other social programs. Here's a suggestion. I don't think we need eleven $13b per aircraft carriers which cost us $1.5 million a day to operate each. Nor seventy two next generation $3.4b destroyers with each already costing us $140 million a year to operate. All which could easily be sunk by guided missiles. You can damn well bet Russia just like us knows where each and other's are at all times.

Another giant cost savings can be realized by taking a look into how we pay for healthcare in this country. I'm not going into all of them. However We all know pharmaceuticals and medical equipment manufacturers are making money hand over fist. So too medical universities which force doctors to come up with ways of paying for their huge educational expenses. There are ways to make each much more streamlined then they are now.

Well there's two ideas I have. I'm sure there are plenty more without throwing our seniors and taxpayers under the bus. Question is do we have the right kind of people in congress to provide the intellectual capacity and the ethical integrity to turn this thing around. So far I'm not seeing any evidence of it so I'm not holding out for any heroes. Such a shame. Wish it weren't true.

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  1. Occasionally I hear Congresspersons speak and I don't think They know what They are thinking.


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