Friday, January 27, 2023

More Of My Music Video Favorites 05

Here's six more videos amongst the many I've been watching. Starting off with Spike Jones. I wonder how many remember him. Then it's on to Michael Ball one of the most well known performers in the United Kingdom. Not only has he performed in countless musicals but also does numerous concerts. Then wrapping it up with the current cast of "The Greatest Show" (2022) in Germany.

These are the kind of videos I've been watching as an alternative to regular TV and the noise on social media. I might add, I think YouTube has become the greatest archive ever known in history for all kinds of videos. I'm both appreciative and very aware how generous they are to allow sharing them both to users on their website as well allowing them to be embedded here on this blog.

So tell me, have you been watching them in their entirety as I post them here?

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