Sunday, January 15, 2023

5 American Cable News Channels Ain't Worth Spit

All they do is sit around the table shooting the shit about politics. None of them seem to have any actual field reporting these days like..

Did you know hell's a popping in Israel?

Reporting from Ukraine's Bakhmut

The whole world does not revolve around American politics but you'd never know it with corporate​ American news reporting. Everyday I go through lots of other media sources including Radio Free Europe, The Guardian and many others. If it wouldn't be for the internet we'd have little exposure to what's going on with the rest of the world.

I don't give a hoot for these idiots in Washington who think their sole purpose is to destroy one and other instead of spending 10 minutes working for the people who sent them. Things like the impending problems with Social Security, Medicare, budget deficits, IRS tax cheats, housing, infrastructure and so many more. All of which only comes up when they try and blame everyone else except themselves for not coming up with a solution for their own failures. Yet this is all the news media focuses on. To hell with them I say.

News media needs to send reporters out into the world to actually talk to real everyday people instead of the same 20 or so overpaid bullshitters we see 24/7 everyday. Some 500 or so protestors in Iran have been killed trying to throw the yoke of oppression off from their government. Much that same is occurring throughout the world including in some of the countries we call allies. You'd never know this from the news we're being fed.

It will never happen but major cable network news needs to air footage from actual people on the ground not from their assignment editors and producers. Even if some of these sources are internet bloggers or videos fed by people who really are out and about in the world. Corporate news has been sanitized and so repetitive it's hard to tell any from the other.

Thank goodness for the internet or we'd think other nations people have nothing in common with each other. Governments and churches start nearly every war. Once people get to see what is really going on it becomes obvious people have more in common then we're led to believe by those who wish to profit through deception. Once governments were disposed of the Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese and so many others are seen no longer as enemies.

Well informed people are key to understanding. The failure of the news media to expose these truths has profited them greatly. It's my hope if the networks won't endeavor to seek out the honest average folks, then the people themselves should by taking advantage of what the internet has to offer. Direct communication between one another through the internet provides the opportunity like no other time in history. Not to pit one group against another but rather to find our commonality.


  1. Americans are not being told MANY significant facts about several key issues. The four biggest topics being ‘shaped’ by our now untrustworthy new media would be the Covid matter, the Ukraine situation, Election tampering, and January 6. The average person on the street is seriously misguided on all four. Our nation, and our futures are both in serious jeopardy due to censorship, ignorance, and laziness.

    Yes, careful internet research can clear much of this ‘fog’ up. But, that takes too much effort, apparently.

  2. Its Hard for Me to accept any news as the truth.


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