Tuesday, September 13, 2016

That's It NO MORE CATS !

We can't stand the heartbreak

We out of compassion were forced to put down Salem. "Bud" was with us for 16 years. Out of all five cats he lasted the longest.

Each became part of our family. Only one died on her own, Samantha

Never again do the wife and I want to be forced to decide ending one of our cat's lives to relieve them of their suffering because of our compassion for them. Never again to choose between our own selfishness for wanting to keep them in our lives as long as possible over the selflessness of having to stand in judgment over ending their lives.

I feel both sadness and anger with the "universe" which allows such disconnect with those we love to come into our lives, taking them away and forbids us ever again to remain part of whatever or wherever they go after this life. It's cruel and hurtful. For this reason I still remain in doubt whether our creator is a compassionate loving God or more like the uncaring self centered humans whom are said in Genesis to have been created in his image.


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