Friday, March 11, 2016

Government's Job To Provide Cheap Diapers?

According to 'Money Talks' the Whitehouse is floating a plan to enable the poor get cheaper more affordable diapers.

I understand anyone can fall into hard times, but there are ways around this diaper problem. Before imposing on society to help pay for them consider this. Both my parents and I used cloth diapers which cost only a tiny fraction of what these paper diapers cost which are filling up our dumps.

On one side of the political spectrum you have those who don't want to spend a single nickel to prevent pregnancy. On the other side are the ones who want to give away the ranch. Both ideologies are getting have gotten nuts. There was once a time when pregnancy prevention wasn't much of an option. Now both men, women and taxpayers have a choice. Either pay a couple of bucks for a pill or spend tens of times more having them. If someone(s) can't afford to live under present circumstance they shouldn't be bearing children. It's selfish.

Today both parents think they are forced to work to support kids. By the time one of them pays for a second car's payments, insurance, gas, repairs, parking, lunch meals and day care it could end up costing them more then if one parent were to stay home. Often times because both work dinnertime meals are bought out costing several times that of a home cooked meal. Work clothing is another factor.

Which brings us to one other great big problem "the way things are today". The problem of too many becoming a single parent who then feel it's proper their ex or society should help bail them out. We all make choices. Some good, some bad. No matter the case it shouldn't become an encumbrance upon the rest of society to depend on making things whole again. No society can solve nor support all the bad things that can happen. Anyone who thinks it can or relies on it doing so is greatly mistaken. No government nor society can guarantee people will ever be able to find resolutions for these kind of predicaments. Anyone thinking otherwise better hope they can find them if there's a next life because they sure won't find them in this one.

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