Saturday, May 21, 2022

Conservative Patriots? (No They're Not)
Trump Heaps Praise On Hungary's Viktor Orban At Conservative Conference
"Former President Donald Trump reportedly appeared by video feed on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Budapest ― the first time the event has been staged abroad as the GOP nuzzles up to Hungary’s authoritarian government...

During the campaign
[Orban's run for president], Hungary’s opposition party candidates were given five minutes of time on state television to make their case to voters.

Orban touted his control of the media in his speech to American conservatives on Thursday, telling them that the path to holding power is to “have your own media.” “It’s the only way to point out the insanity of the progressive left,” Orban said, according to The Guardian...

Zsolt Bayer, a racist and antisemite who once called Jewish people “stinking excrement,” gave an address Friday where he reportedly spoke against gender and racial inclusivity.

Also scheduled to speak were Fox News’ far-right host Tucker Carlson ― who spent a week in Hungary broadcasting his show last year ― Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows and French anti-immigration leader Marine Le Pen, among others."

Lord help us if this bunch ever gets to take over in 2024. A scary prospect for me. Ought to be very interesting to see what American voters do.

I've never seen such a bunch of screwballs in my entire life. In my eyes they're nothing like "patriots". More like the very opposite.

This is who conservatives are canoodling with.

Gonna follow his plan to power?


  1. Posts like this are why you receive no comments.

    1. Comrade LVCI, MAGA at it's core is a doctrine of "America First" something red globalists such as yourself will always shun Victor Orban has seized the reins of his motherland and is shielding it from the insanity foisted upon it by EU Soros backed elites he is a savior.


    2. You sir is what I would refer to as a traitor to democracy. BTW Orban is a Putin puppet. That is a fact. Why do you think the Ukrainians in mass fled to Poland instead of Hungary.


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