Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Things I Want To Get Off My Chest

Here's what is helping fuel increased inflation
LINKED Quote-- During his time in office, former President Trump unilaterally imposed numerous tariffs on a variety of goods,,,. Based on 2021 import levels, these tariffs currently impact over $350 billion of imports and exports and increase consumer costs by roughly $51 billion annually."

Also Trump's trade deal replacing NAFTA included a 17% tariff on Canadian infant formula because China opened a manufacturing plant in Canada.

No not everything is Trump's fault but these didn't help. Those along with American greed going ballistic and other very stupid federal policy decisions like them derived from lobbyists sponsored by selfish individuals.

I'm so over this crazy political partisanship bickering.
Trump versus Biden everywhere I turn on social media and in the news headlines. It's become never ending no matter the subject. Facts seldom matter anymore. Only what one wishes to believe.

It seems to me the majority of people in this world want to bicker rather then agree on anything. The biggest, craziest mouths are the top stars on TV/radio (no matter the format) and world leaders who help tear this world apart. They along with the public in general throughout this world who can shout the loudest.

Enough already!
We ALL either succeed or ALL sink together. It's just that simple. We're all intertwined in one way or another. We're ALL stuck in this life sustaining fishbowl we call Earth. Every country. Everywhere. Everyone.

The never ending wars since history began.. human prejudices.. religious slaughters.. AND YET IT SEEMS WE LEARN NOTHING FROM THEM. It's soooooo exhausting. Not to mention how very disappointing.

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