Thursday, March 23, 2023

Select Headline Links 03/23/2023 (With NIZ Info)

VIDEO- City Demolishes Home Woman Just Bought at Auction

Squatters torment homeowners across US with no resolution in sight: incidents can take months or even years to litigate

Packaging So Misleading, It’s Basically A Scam

VIDEO- Sen. Lindsey Graham On The Daily Show With Former Democratic Senator Al Franken

Legislation to Open Up NIZ Finances to Public Scrutiny- State Sen. Jarrett Coleman (R-16) introduced Senate Bill 534 to open up the finances of Allentown’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ) to public scrutiny. The measure would repeal the changes made to the Fiscal Code in 2021 that shielded many details of the Allentown NIZ from taxpayers.

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  1. That whole business about needing more details about the NIZ is interesting. I’m glad someone is trying to get a truthful picture of the NIZ success/failure.

    Unfortunately, if anything suggesting an underperformance is revealed, I’m certain the Morning Call will hide it from view. The young reporter reporting this will surely have his wings clipped.

    The ONLY true way to evaluate that program is to compare how much total tax revenue would have regularly come in from those same blocks had there never been a NIZ created. Reporting only the tax revenue that comes in now doesn’t tell the full story.

    There were MANY years when the NIZ produced NO additional dollars beyond what already came in. SO many ‘down years,’ the NIZ remains millions and millions of dollars in the hole. It, so far, has been a big loser for the entirety of PA taxpayers.

    Put simply, how many NEW revenue dollars came into Pennsylvania over the same time period? I say, the answer to this question is NONE.

    1. I do agree with what you said, however..
      The Morning Call did file for information under the 'Right To Know' law and was denied. Hence why legislators changed the law so they couldn't pursue their 'Right To Know' appeal. Something seems rotten to me. Hopefully this bill will pass.. If it does let's see what The Morning Call will then do. Ought to be real interesting However I don't expect any information will be forthcoming in the near future. We shall see.

    2. Thank you for the reply.

      What I’m saying is, the NIZ just didn’t work out as a benefit to all PA taxpayers. I don’t believe it ever will. First of all, most of the business moved into the NIZ was already paying taxes in Pennsylvania. Most of the new employees now working in the NIZ were already working in Pennsylvania.

      We shall see if the Morning Call finally reports this underperformance. I think they will not. Then again, I believe the Morning Call is heavily involved in censorship and no longer trustworthy.

      My desire is to see the Allentown NIZ stopped. Also, any similar programs created for other communities rejected. Such schemes rarely work as publicized.

    3. I agree entirely with what you're saying.


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