Thursday, June 8, 2023

PPL Is Relocating
PPL Corporation to relocate headquarters to Two City Center, downtown Allentown

"ALLENTOWN, Pa. (June 8, 2023) - PPL Corporation today announced that it will relocate its corporate headquarters to Two City Center in downtown Allentown, as the company looks to right-size its real estate space...

PPL's current headquarters complex is located at 2 North Ninth St., Allentown, and includes the 24-story PPL Tower Building. The company will initiate a process to sell and repurpose the current complex."

Can't say I saw that coming!

It's been there since 1928.


  1. What concerns me the most is the PPL building tower itself. It was built in 1928. We all seen what happened to the old Bethlehem Steel Martin Tower building. Will this building suffer the same fate? After all if Martin Tower built in 1972 had asbestos problems imagine the lead and asbestos which may be in this building at 9th and Hamilton. I can't imagine it being converted to apartments if those elements are present.

    Also of consideration would be the plumbing and electric wiring which was not designed to handle the load apartments would require. It ain't looking good folks.

  2. I never thought of asbestos and other hazardous materials


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