Friday, December 9, 2022

Musk Blasts Griner Swap

Seems everyone's outraged. Hold on there's more to story.
Marines provide details of Whelan court-martial
January 4, 2019 "Court records provided by the Marine Corps headquarters show that he had been accused of attempting to steal more than $10,000 while serving as an administrative clerk in Iraq in 2006. The records show he was also accused of using a false Social Security number on a government computer system and using a false account on the system to grade his own examinations. Whalen was reduced in rank from staff sergeant to corporal and given a bad conduct discharge from the service..

The news that Paul Whelan holds citizenship in four countries brings international pressure on Russia from several fronts. Both Ireland and the U.K. have asked that their diplomats be allowed to visit him."

So the Biden administration is NOT the solo player in this situation. People need to cool their jets before they learn the whole story. Not that users of social media nor political pundits are known to do research before flapping their gums.

My question is why was Canadian born Marine reservist Whelan (director of global security for an American company)  so interested in frequently visiting Russia? I'm not saying he did anything wrong but his record certainly is not squeaky clean as some believe.

More importantly Musk needs to just shut up. He's no scholar by any means. Just a very rich man with diarrhea of the mouth.

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