Friday, October 24, 2014

Kick Em' While They're Down

Rudy Miller | The Express-Times-- Easton fire chief pitches plan to bill insurance companies for calls

While it's true we already do this for ambulance and certain police calls to accident scenes, we've not seen taxes go down after they started doing this. Not only have taxes not gone down, but insurance rates have increased because of them.

While I do understand those who use these services it might be argued should pay more for them the question becomes where does this all end?

Even though government cannot now doesn't mean that laws can't be changed. This opens a door to a whole endless bunch of other possibilities.* Per charge call to 911
* A whole menu of fees for various police responses billed to callers
* Per tree street side fee for leaf collection
* Out front street light fees
* Personal property water runoff fees to city storm drains
* So forth.. on and on..
There comes a point where the silly becomes reality as cities look for ever increasing ways to soak the taxpayer. At one point will we all accept additional fees on top of those cities already charge?

At what point should we resist paying per diem on top of those same city services that each of us may have need of at one time or another?

If so, should the city hold a sole exclusive monopoly through government rule on such services?

Prisoner Sues, Lawyers Win Big!

Reuters/Raw Story reports, Alabama convict gets $1,000 in police settlement — while his lawyers get $459,000

Yeah the convict is a scumbag, but it looks like Birmingham taxpayers have victimized twice. Not only will taxpayers spend $100,000's to warehouse the guy for the next 20 years, but reward scumbag lawyers by lining their pockets as well. I see little 'justice' in all of this for the smucks paying taxes.

What A Country!

ASD- Too Many Chiefs Not Enough Indians?

Randy Kraft | -- “In 1998-99, they had eight administrators in this building,”.... “They now will have 28 administrators in this building.”
     [Debra Tretter, president of the Allentown Education Association]

My understanding is many of these positions were created by one time only federal grants. The problem is after those grants dried up the administrative positions didn't.

It's my further understanding some of these positions' main objectives is to research, seek out and apply for additional federal funding opportunities. However these administrators, like those in the private sector, should justify their salaries and why the ASD has further need of them if/when they are no longer able to achieve that goal.

At one time Bethlehem Steel hired 1 foreman for every 7 blue collar workers.. look how that turned out!

Homeland Security's Panty Raid

Jenee Osterheldt | The Kansas City Star-- “They came in and there were two guys” Honig said. “I asked one of them what size he needed and he showed me a badge and took me outside. They told me they were from Homeland Security and we were violating copyright laws.”

Honestly is this the best use of taxpayers' dollar$?
Isn't enforcement more a civil matter best brought to court by the baseball team?
Since when did panties become a threat to national security?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Poor Kids Ruining Halloween

Caitlin MacNeal | TPM- 1-Percenter: Poor Kids Keep Coming To My Neighborhood-- "Slate's "Dear Prudence" on Thursday ran a letter from an advice-seeker identified as a whiny suburban homeowner who is incredibly concerned that poor kids are going to ruin Halloween in the cul-de-sac."

Uh, pardon me but I can relate to that living here in Allentown's West End. We gave up handing out candy years ago. The reason is we bought over 7lbs of candy every year and it was all gone in far less then an hour!

Seven kids live in this block. Yet literally hundreds show up every Halloween. I personally witnessed two passenger vans showing up with about 10 kids in each pull up out front more then once over the years.

I can understand why there may be some reluctance for parents downtown in the inner city to have their kids go door to door, but Halloween isn't supposed to be about teaching your kids how to scam others by exploiting them. Hence we go to either my daughter's or son's up in Whitehall where they are more respectful of their neighbors.

Showing Up For Court High Is Bad Idea

Matthew Bultman | The Express-Times -- " A 29-year-old woman who has been found at least six times this year huffing computer cleaner was under the influence during a municipal court appearance and began yelling obscenities."

The only time I ran afoul of the law was back when I was a teenager. I earned a scholarship from the state forcing me to attend drivers training school at Dieruff H.S. after I was nabbed for speeding in my 1966 Volkswagen bug.

Yeah I know it's hard for me to believe too :-)

At any rate.. one of the other fine students in attendance that evening was a guy who was cited for DWI. Obviously a slow learner he showed up drunk. This clown was even stupid enough to drive himself there for the class. The instructor explained he could stay but wouldn't be credited because of it.

So this fine gentlemen thought he'd wait it out anyway and sat in the back of the room next to a chalkboard. Twenty minutes into the thing he passed out. There was a large crash from the back of the room where he was sitting after he slammed his head against the aluminum chalk tray where he lay on the floor bleeding.

At the time we were watching unedited gut filled films one after the other from the Ohio state police showing horrendous accidents. I can't remember one word the instructor ever said that night, but I sure do remember the impression both the film and this stooge made on me.

I'm not sure how things are handled these days, but I can clearly state this kind of early intervention in my teens sure as hell straightened me out. I never have sped nor drove after drinking ever again.

George Carlin- The Middle Class

It's election time once again. I suspect little will change no matter the outcomes.
It was true then and it's true now more than ever...
And so too it shall be in the future as well I suspect.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Shit I Have To Put Up With

Bernie O'Hare can't leave anyone alone can he!

A few hours ago Bernie said "LVCI gets no comments bc he is thin-skinned, unoriginal, anonymous and a coward. But at least he is honest."

I might also add Bernie is subscribed to this blog via email. So I know he trolls this blog everyday. He like my other trolls can't seem to stop themselves despite their criticisms. How else would he know what's going on here on this blog and create posts and comments against this one from time to time? LVCI seems important enough to them despite what they claim, does it not?

I've put up with all kinds of shit (including Bernie's name calling) for the last 6 years. Heaven help me if my should ever speak up to defend or explain myself. When I do I'm accused of whining or all sorts of name calling typical of that above.

Here's my very first post back on December 20, 2008: INTRODUCTION/ABOUT LVCI. Anyone wishing to take the time may decide for themselves why I created this blog in the way I did.

"Unoriginal" Content- Wikipedia: News Aggregator
It has never my intention to compete with Bernie nor anyone else. Only share and comment on things that interested me I'd come across with others. It has never my intention to constantly forever more bash and engage with others as Bernie constantly has a habit of doing. No I don't go to meetings. Almost no one else does either other then Bernie (sometimes not even the mainstream press). When I choose what to post I try to avoid what other blog owners are reporting on or something that is given little attention elsewhere I hope will interest my readers. This is my first priority.

The Shit I Have To Put Up With
Here's a small sampling of just some of the comments I have not approved for publishing over the last 4 weeks alone...Perhaps you should give the blog mentor a link on your blog roll and supplicate to his intellectual superiority. Why didn't you cover his jaw dropping fact bomb campaign on Waeb? on Some Really Crazy Dichotomies- Steve Mongrel

Are you at all concerned about getting sued for copyright infringement because of your plagiarism? You should be (check your mailbox). on Some Really Crazy Dichotomies- Anonymous

Never an original thought here, just repurposed content from others. Sad. on My Favorite Music Videos UPDATED- Anonymous

Never any original thought here, just anonymous plagiarism. And no comments. No wonder. on My Favorite Music Videos- Anonymous

No Comments. LOL! on The Pitfalls Of Internet TV- Anonymous

You should call blog LV Cut & Paste. Or, "No Comments." on How Much Will Social Security Checks Increase In 2015?- Anonymous

All plagiarism again, isn't this illegal? on How Much Will Social Security Checks Increase In 2015?- Anonymous

All plagiarism at this blog, I'm outta here permanently. on Post-Foreclosure Hell- Anonymous

Yawn. on Oil Reached A 4 Year Low- Here's Why- Anonymous

Time to poof this blog or at least disable comments. on Wehr Dam Controversy Continues- LCVI

I for one will be at the demolition of Wehrs dam with all my friends at the Wildlife Conservatory, it is a detriment to the aquatic life and the overall integrity of our watershed. Will the nattering nabobs like Mr Molovinsky ever understand Captain Spock's Vulcan credo of "the benefit of the many outweigh the needs of a few"? on Wehr Dam Controversy Continues- Steve Mongrel

You and Molovinsky should get a room. on Wehr Dam Controversy Continues- Anonymous

Your so hung up on what you think other people think of you it's so hysterical, over and over and over! on Blog Updates On LVCI- Anonymous

Hope you get the psychiatric help you need. on Blog Updates On LVCI- Anonymous

Thought you were going to avoid local issues and go global (where you're "more appreciated"). This post is your way of "one-upping" the local discussions taking place about NorCo, unions, health benefits, etc., i.e., your way of demonstrating that you're smarter than the local discussion. LOL. It's this kind of pathetic trasparency having to do w/ your glaring inferiority complex and clingy neediness that explains why people are so totally bored w/ , and turned off by you. Also, what happened to your histrionic "No More Comments!!!" dictum? Jeez. You can't stick w/ anything. Sad. on High Cost Of Healthcare- Anonymous

What pathetic suck up you are! Neglected as a child much? LOL! on Park Creeks Which Would You Rather?- Anonymous

I've explained this all before. Bill Villa threatened to "box my ears". Once offered a cash reward so he could find out my name and knock on my door. By his own admission someone gave him the address to Lou Hershman's home. Unbeknownst to him he knocked on Lou's door instead. He also intended to seek me out at a event on 19th street and confront me while I was with my family.

I've said this to Bernie time and again I will not expose my wife, kids or grandchildren to he and others like him because of this blog. Bernie once said he understood that. Since then he did a 180 on me calling me a coward despite what he once said.

My Response To All Of This
I have an absolute right to defend myself against these continuing accusations labeling me "anonymous and a coward".

In-so-much as Bernie is blocking and deleting any attempts I make to leave comments on his blog he has given me no choice but to leave my remarks here. I see this as neither whining nor being thin skinned, but rather a explanation and response to yet another attack upon my character. Anyone reading this I suspect if it were done to them would respond as well. After all how would you feel if this were done to you?.

As far as comments go: If they aren't on topic, contributing something to the subject matter or are a personal attack on me or someone else .. I'd rather have none at all. I sure as hell don't want comments on this blog to be anything like those left on Bernie blog. It's very obvious to me whenever he wants to go after me, TM, JG, BV, Brown, Dolan, etc. he post something he knows will bait the trolls and allows them to let loose on them no matter how vile. He knows I never did nor will ever allow that kind of crap to fly on this blog.

I much rather post "unoriginal" material having only a fraction of his readers if it means I don't have to give up the standards I set for this blog since the beginning. No I'm not jealous nor as 'Monkey Momma' once said a lonely kid in the corner. I just have higher standards.

Asshole (BV) suggested I "at least disable comments". I'm thinking about it. The only reason I haven't is I'm still holding out hope more reasonable minds prevail. If that turns out not to be the case over the next few days, that may be the only thing that makes even a tiny fraction of anything this idiot ever said that bears any semblance to making sense.

ONE FINAL THOUGHT-- If no one supposedly reads this blog and the LVCI blog is a such a nobody/nothing.. why do these people keep concerning themselves so much with it? What's the fascination?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Really Crazy Dichotomies

* It's A-OK to open carry guns almost everywhere, but smoking (either tobacco or pot) in many of these same areas will get you fined or arrested.

* "To Protect and to Serve". Stockton, California: Bank Teller Killed After Three Robbers Took Her Hostage-- "33 officers fired 600 bullets with full knowledge of a hostage inside the vehicle.

* KOMO News: "A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by more than 100 Seattle police officers who said new guidelines on using force jeopardized their safety.. Seattle police routinely used excessive force, especially in low-level situations that might otherwise have been defused."There's a difference between how the military treats civilians in foreign nations and how law enforcement is supposed to operate in the United States. One is adversarial, the other is not. If these guys want to go gonzo on civilians perhaps the military would be a better option for them.
* After the Sayreville, N.J high schools football was canceled for victimizing freshmen players The New York Times reported, "If freshmen “thought we hated them before we sure as hell hate them now,” a 16-year-old female student wrote on Twitter, hours after the season was canceled."... "The hunt for the "snitches" is on. This social media quest to try to find out who killed football in Sayreville."

* 28% Of Americans Admit To Being Internet Trolls-- "The best way to fight trolls, at least according to the YouGov survey, is to ignore them -- the preferred tactic of 37 percent of respondents." Watch Out, Internet Trolls. In Britain, You Could Get Up to Two Years in Jail-- "These Internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life," UK Justice Secretary Chris Grayling." What I noticed most significant about my very own personal troll is he is relentless in telling how bad my blog sucks & how he's never coming back. Then rambles on telling me that everyday. I know I'm suppose to ignore him, but I can't help from wondering what a wasted life he must lead in-so-much as he finds a need to seek my attention. Obviously no one's paying attention to him otherwise in his life and seeks mine.

No doubt he will again after reading this post. Nothing he says or persists in doing affects me in any way. This blog plays only a minor role in my life. I only do it for giggles. What a horrible waste of one's time. To him I harbor no ill will, but highly recommend he reflect & ask himself why this obsession?

Legal Stealing

WSB-TV2: "However, since the property has already been legally sold to another buyer,
it's unclear what can be done."