Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The World's Dysfunctional

The World's Dysfunctional I've spooked around the news, internet social media sites (such as) Facebook and from my own experience I conclude... "The World Is Dysfunctional".

There's one guy I'm familiar with who was kicked out for the second time by his second wife. He along with his three kids who are as screwed up as he is. His first wife left him. He then took up marrying his brother's wife while she was still married to his brother. She since has kicked him out along with the three kids. After serving about 10 years in military service he now thinks at 30 some he may actually have to find a job. Imagine that!
     He also received a ton of benefits even though he saw no action of any kind in any of the gulf wars.

Another relative of ours is kicking his own kid out to make room so he can receive money from the government to raise another's.

There are tons of more stories on Facebook and other social media sites, but I dare not tell them less someone figure out who I am.

Then there's the jerks in politics who are advocating for war with ISIS but don't have the balls to actually grab and gun and do it themselves if they are so worried about these so-called terrorists. I say so-called because I consider this bunch nothing but a bunch of loud mouth long winded thugs who get people all worked up by killing hostages on camera. If the United States wouldn't have screwed around in Iraq none of this would have happened in the first place. There are a bunch of political assclowns that appear in the media who have no problems getting Americans killed for their own failures by intervening in foreign countries that posed no threat to us prior.

There's also the bunch of anonymous commenters and not so anonymous bloggers in this area who think by stirring the public up or going against other bloggers it will somehow change things or gain them notoriety. Way too much drama for my tastes.

In regards to myself and views of this world... People sure do create a lot of unnecessary problems for themselves and others.

In my own life the first wife pulled the wool over my eyes real good some 30 years ago. She took up with some guy and left me. It was a few years later I found out my son wasn't my son after all. Not until after I paid support for several years until he was an adult. When he found out, I haven't seen him since.

Also it's been about 20 years since my brother last contacted me after mother died. I stopped trying to invite him over & his wife to stay in contact with me after repeatedly visiting their house.

My daughter has twin girls. Her doctor-husband divorced her since their birth but still allows them to live in his home house he rarely comes home to. The twins will be one year old next month but won't allow her to have a birthday party for them. Nor attends either the family's Thanksgiving or Christmas celebrations for the past two years. The guy is worth about $4 million dollars but the daughter never ever asks for even $1 from him. That's who she is. (I'm so proud of that)

So as you can see I've experienced drama within my own life, but it all pales in comparison as far as I'm concerned because it's all past me now.

The Purpose Of The Post
Is to point out (1) The World Is Dysfunctional. (2) I've moved beyond all this drama crapola & largely unaffected by it. (3) When I read other blogs and witness what other lives people are living, it all seems my life is nothing compared to what others are living day to day. (4) Most importantly the world is what it is. Largely dysfunctional when you come right down to the basics of it.

In Conclusion
I've bared my innermost thoughts. My life experiences & opinions on this blog. I've done this time and again in trying to be sincere as possible over the last 5 years. Is there no one who has read this in all that time willing to express (at least in part) some of their own personal thoughts in-kind?

If not it makes me wonder why I'm doing this and why I should not just post mundane bullshit instead?

Quick Points About Eagles Game Last Night

The 'Eagles' won 30 to 27 over the 'Colts' last night (09/15/2014)

I'm far from an expert when it comes to football, but here are a few things I thought worth noting about last night's game.(1) While no one person can claim they saved the game it should mentioned Cody Parkey was responsible for 12 of those points. Until the middle of the 3rd quarter the Eagles were losing 20 to 6. They scored only one touchdown in the first half and two in the second which would give them only 18 points if not for the 12 points kicker Cody Parkey added to the final score.

(2) There seems to be a pattern this year that the Eagles don't show up to play until after halftime.

(3) When runners celebrate a touchdown the crowd goes wild. When a kicker adds 12 points to the final score most of the sports media seldom shines the spotlight on them. I suppose it's because they expect the kicker to make good on his every kick because the team set him up. In other words kickers are for the most part taken for granted.

(4) The irony here is undrafted rookie Cody Parkey was originally signed by the Colts this year (2014). The 'Colts' then traded Cody Parkey to the Eagles in August for the Eagles undrafted reserve player rookie runningback David Fluellenm, who has since been released.

There are a few points I'm trying to make.

Most fans focus their attention and celebrate the runners scoring touchdowns and the star quarterback, Media headlines scream much the same thing (check it out for yourself).

What few recognize is the fact w/o a great rookie kicker like Cody the Eagles would never be where they are. Their 'red zone' plays are terrible.

Everyone once schmoozed and fawned over Desean Jackson's performance a few years back when he was hot and scored touchdowns for the Eagles. When it came to the Cody's 12 point contribution to last night's game I'm not seeing the same kind of exuberance from either the media or fans. Why Not?

Well almost not except for Zach Berman a Inquirer staff writer who wrote 3 days ago, "With Parkey going against the team that traded him away this Monday, it looks like a good move for the Eagles.".

Monday, September 15, 2014

After You Retire...

     they just want you to go away

I worked at one of the 10 largest food companies in the United States for over 33 years. What a difference a few years make after you leave their employment. I am of the realization that this company owes me nothing at the end of the day, but it's still remarkable the differences between how I was treated when I worked for them and now that I'm retired.

In September they'd start sending mail about our upcoming benefit elections, the new costs and the changes we may need make for the next year. This would be followed up by several meetings we had on company time. Now that I'm retired.. POOF!

This month I got my quarterly bill for life insurance for the remainder of the year. First off they use to only increase this at the first of the new year. Instead they raised it three months earlier then they ever had before and 6 months before my birthday. They did this without any warning so I could save up for the increase. No letters, no email, no nothing. The increase is an astounding 79 1/2%. Of course I can't continue affording this. Just last December I reduced my coverage by half for 2014. Now they want to charge me even more then what they wanted for double the coverage last year before I reduced it

Hell it would take me almost 30 years to get that kind of increase (at it's present rate) to receive 79 1/2% more in social security. These yahoos expect that in just 1 year !!!

I called to cancel. I couldn't use their online website. It said it was down for maintenance for over a week or did they change that too w/o notifying us?

After navigating the menu (which didn't have a cancellation option) I pressed 0 and waited on hold (being reminded how important my call was) for 30+ minutes before someone finally answered. I said I wanted to cancel. After giving my information the policy was cancelled in less then a minute with no questions asked. No save-a-sale involved here. I can take a hint. Obviously they wanted to dump my ass.

Costs for my retiree medical benefits is skyrocketing even worse. Last year I qualified for Medicare. Here I though it would be cheaper. Instead it went up double. HUH !!

The way I figure it this company used to schmooze us for all it was worth since unions constantly were banging at their door. After ya retire.. the hell wid ya. What are we gonna do about it...go on strike?

I'm posting this as fair warning to those who are coming up on retirement. No matter how much companies pretend to care this is what you can expect.

I can truly understand companies are not charities, but there used to be such a thing as business etiquette. Retirees should receive advance notice about changes and cost increases. Sure companies can't afford to baby us till death, but they sure as hell needn't pull the plug on us by both unexpectedly and unreasonably escalating the costs of the benefits we were promised. At least not without some sort of fair warning so we have time to prepare or find alternatives..

Sunday, September 14, 2014

You Probably Missed Free Dental Care In Allentown

Although there was little publicity the turn out was beyond amazing this weekend. When we went for our weekly shopping at the The Allentown Farmers Market this past weekend I couldn't believe the number of people who turned out for this event at the 'Agri~Plex' located at the Allentown Fairgrounds.

Even though it wasn't listed by the 'Agri-Plex', parking was packed!

This was the second annual event held by the 'Montgomery Bucks Dental Society'.
A great big appreciative thanks goes out to them

WFMZ in this video report on Friday said,
"By 11 a.m., nearly 800 people walked through the doors.."

This is both encouraging and saddening at the same time. How is it that in country such as ours we have so many in need?

I for one do not have a dental plan. Unlike many others I was fortunate to have one while I worked, but the company does not offer a dental plan for it's retirees at any price.

In a country that claims to care and has so much it's rather disheartening. Judging by what I witnessed I'm certain 100% these people were not all living below poverty, on food stamps or looking for a free handout. The costs of dentistry care has gone up many times since I was a kid when a tooth could be filled for $7 or extracted for around $15.

I'm certain that many who walk among us will say tough boogers. Get a job.. go pay for it yourself. To them I reply (and I don't care if I sound like a socialist), if I had my way every American would have access to FREE medical and dental care. These are basic human needs everyone will have need of some time or another.

As To How We Pay For Them
(1) Regulate the healthcare providers so-as-not to overly enrich themselves on the misfortunes of others.
(2) After the U.S. spent an estimated $6 trillion on wars in Afghanistan & Iraq it should reconsider it's priorities.
(3) Americans who care only about themselves should be the first in line to support such a plan. Do these people actually believe they will always have an untold amount of money in their wallets to pay for these services throughout their lifetime no matter what event befalls them or how high the costs will go in the future?

Face reality, no one gets a free ticket. Either people need to pay for these needs (a) out of pocket, (b) through insurance, (c) the costs for those who cannot pay passed on to them or (d) suffer the agony of being left untreated.

I much prefer each and everyone of us pool our money together, control costs and thereby benefit we are ourselves by doing so. That's not 'socialism'. It's simply a smarter way of doing things that will result in benefiting even those among us who remain selfish and uncaring of others. Why can't everyone not understand that?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Allentown Fluff Pieces

Yeah sure these are fluff pieces, but still there's something to be said. Other cites have been so less fortunate.

Allentown 4.0

While I'm still not convinced Pennsylvania taxpayers as whole will benefit there's no doubt that Allentown's citizens will. Got to hand it to this mayor on this one, he pulled it off.

Pennsylvania taxpayers' will forgo nearly $1+ billion in revenues for the next whatever number of years till this is repaid. Whether one supports the NIZ or not, what remains to be seen is if Pennsylvania taxpayers will see a return on their investment over 30 years the NIZ was based on. I truly hope all of this succeeds as planned. Doubts remain in my mind. I remain skeptical Pennsylvanians as a whole over the long haul will unless we can attract other businesses from outside the state. Time will tell. We shall see.

Here's to hoping the mayor and certain legislators in Harrisburg prove the doubts I have wrong

See Also: THIS ARTICLE IN THE MORNING CALL-- "Keystone Executive Director Stephen Herzenberg said the NIZ puts too much state tax money in one place, with few restrictions... From a regional point of view, it's robbing Peter to pay Paul," Herzenberg said.

A Little Bit Of 'The Eagles'

From the first event ever held at the brand new PPL Center in Allentown.

Friday, September 12, 2014

President Obama A Disappointment

Girl tells President Barack Obama she thought she was meeting Beyonce-- "President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama helped fill backpacks with toys for homeless children at the Inspired Teaching charter school on Thursday. The sixth-grader named Madison was helping show President Obama how to fill toys in backpacks for homeless children, and then said she had heard there would be a special guest for the event."

Cher's D2K Tour Coming To Allentown UPDATE

(first posted on 05/15/2014)

The second concert coming to the soon to be completed PPL Center arena in Allentown, Pa. was announced. It's will be one of 14 cities in 2014 that Cher will perform her 'Dressed To Kill' concert series. Pat Benatar is also scheduled to make a guest appearance.

The date is set for Monday, September 15th, 2014. Just four days after the Eagles perform on the Friday before.

Prices range from $57.50 to $153.50 as of this UPDATED posting (09/13/2014). Plus ticket fees and taxes, which are about $24+. (Deck parking is around $10)

Here's A Video Preview Of Cher's 'D2K' Tour


Cher postpones Allentown concert date due to illness
"That concert has been changed to Dec. 2, 2014"

Click here for more information

Spotlight On Shannon O'

     My favorite YouTube performer of all time

Shannon (from upstate NY) has uploaded 172 videos. These are 44 of my favorite videos she has uploaded representing over 3 hours and 13 minutes of my favorite tunes she has performed over the last several years since she first joined YouTube on June 26th, 2008

I sent email several days ago wondering why she hasn't uploaded any since last year at this time (since Sept. 2013) and have not heard back.

Be that as it may, I wish to present to you one of the most talented young ladies I've ever had the privilege of listening to.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Beckel Her Legs R Why She Has A Job

Fox’s ‘liberal’ Bob Beckel tells female colleague her legs are why she has a job-- "On one occasion when anchor Catherine Crier wore pants on set, Ailes reportedly called the show and barked into the phone, “Tell Catherine I did not spend x-number of dollars on a glass desk for her to wear pant suits.”

No shit Sherlock!

There was never a time Kim Guilfoyle wasn't sitting in front of a news desk whether it be on 'The Five' or her guest appearances on Geraldo Rivera. The camera always takes a long shot of her strategically placed crossed legs dangling from the (too short) skirts she always wears. Never once has she worn slacks ever.

Same goes with FOX News's 3 stooges on a couch in the morning whether it be Elisabeth Hasselbeck or Gretchen Carlson who came before her. Both never wore slacks and both have dresses far too short for sitting. Plus the camera is set up waist high for the teasing of crotch shots.

One could accuse FOX of exploiting them, but they all damn well know what they are doing. Anything for a buck, right?

Thanks Bob Beckel for saying what everyone always knows about the women on FOX. I'm of the opinion they only are allowed to pick red dresses from FOX's wardrobe rack which are 10" shorter then what any self respecting professional woman would ordinarily wear.

Yeah that goes for you too Megyn Kelly