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Talk About A Child Support Hearing Going Bad!

Whenever I think of a child support case going really bad for someone I think of the character Alan Harper on '2 1/2 Men'. Even the writers of that show couldn't have written a crazier script then what happened for real to this poor sap!

The married judge had a sexual relationship with the mother of the defendant's child while presiding over his 2012 child support case. "According to the Detroit Free Press, **** sexted **** from the bench and gave her thousands of dollars... He is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court for help in challenging the doctrine that judges can't be sued for their court decisions."
According to the 'Detroit Free Press', "... the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals concluded in a 24-page decision Monday, stating that while the judge's actions were “often reprehensible,” he is immune from lawsuits under the long-held doctrine of judicial immunity."

My Comments About The Article Above
Even though this guy couldn't sue the judge, the appeals court did suspend the gavel banger without pay for 6 years. However the article does not mention how much money it cost this guy for his lawyers through this process. Whether the judgment of support order still stands. Nor how much more this guy will have to spend if he needs to appeal the judgment for child support. We're not even told if the married judge will soon face his own support hearing shortly :-).

So what lessons have we learned kids?
     (1) One in the hand is better then having two in the bush.
     (2) Don't throw bricks while living in a glass house.
     (3) He who flies upside down, has big crack up.
     (4) Tip toeing between the two lips is never a good idea.
     (5) Only a blooming idiot would plant cucumbers in someone else's patch.
     (6) etc., etc., etc.

Sarah Palin Starts Her Own Channel

It'll only cost ya around 10 buck$ a month. ($1 more then 'Netflix')
Which would be your druthers?

Anyone find her voice soothing?

Lehigh Valley Transit- The Liberty Bell Route

This is a preview of LVT Volume 2- The Liberty Bell Route

This 67 minute DVD will be available soon @ John Pechulis Media

BTW: I have several other posts on this subject.
Do a search of this blog using the search term..
Lehigh Valley Transit Trolley

Anyone with a interest in the railroad can search using that word

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wehr Mill Covered Bridge Closed

Wehr Mill Covered Bridge Closed
By Alyssa Passeggio | The Express-Times
"The Wehr Mill Covered Bridge was closed after a truck, neglecting a detour and the weight limit, drove over it"

My Comments About The Article Above
This comes on the heels of those who want to destroy the dam. Michael Molovinsky has been all over this. Although I've remained silent on this, it doesn't mean I don't support his viewpoint 100%.

I've personally witnessed the Jordan Creek below the dam dry up in times of drought. I've been waiting for dry weather, which so far has not occurred this year; If and when it does again I promise I will go there and take snapshots to prove this does happen. It may have been several years ago and may be several years again, but the fact is that dam holds the only water that can sustain water wildlife when it does.

There are dams that can be removed, but this is not one of them. There have been times the road was closed due to flooding. I personally witnessed a stranded motorist who fell victim when he/she tried to drive through it just before the covered bridge and became trapped in their vehicle and had to be rescued. With or without the dam the outcome would be the same.

With or without the dam doesn't mean there aren't any fish. That's another BS argument.

My daughter's husband owns farmland in Lehigh Township which has a pond on it. Water barely flows into it except for a small spring. Whenever we go up there we throw a handful of fish food and 100's of fish jump out of the water to feed on it. Oh sure they may not be trout, but still waters (whether they be pond or otherwise) fish flourish in them by the 100's. Just exactly what species thrives in still waters as opposed to running water doesn't mean certain other fish aren't present.

Although they are controlled dams should we also go el natural with 'Blue Marsh', 'Beltzville' and "Lake Wallenpaupack" too? They certainly have a larger impact on the environment then little ole Wehr's Dam.

There's another argument that Canadian geese congregate there. Yeah well so do they over the entire length of the fast flowing Lehigh, Schuylkill and Delaware rivers on the embankments all the way to Philadelphia. This is another BS argument. So called scientific geniuses can argue as the day is long, but what I've observed so too can anyone if they hike or bike along them. This is nothing more then a pissing contest between the so-called experts (powers that be) and what should be a common sense argument.

Wanna venture a guess who will win?

Stossel: Security Vs Liberty

Sometimes I'm not the biggest fan of John Stossel. Other times (as was the case last night) Stossel excels in what he does. Comments To Follow


I checked out Stossels full episodes at FOX. So far it's not posted yet. If they ever do I urge readers to check out the entire program. Hopefully these videos won't be removed before FOX does post them.

I don't care whether someone is far right, far left or somewhere in-between, the militarization of the U.S. civilian police forces is far too reminiscent of people having to tolerate living like they are under a police state. Russia's KGB and Germany in the 1930's are two that come to mind.

Under United States law the military can't be used against it's own people. When police become militarized they tend to forget the reason they exist. To "protect and serve". Police departments are hiring more and more ex-soldiers. Soldiers who were trained to kill people and break things. While that is a admirable quality to be honored and respected in combat zones, it isn't under a civilian environment where there should be a presumption of innocence and individual rights.

It's alarming that we've grown acceptance to skirting around the laws that are suppose to protect citizens from it's own military being used against them by enabling certain police units to look no different. Having access to the same equipment used by the military and coming down on American civilians as they would in a foreign war zone.

No post would be complete without a personal story. Years ago my wife's former boss's brother was holed up in an apartment at a complex on the East side of Allentown. Police received a report that her brother kidnapped his girlfriend and was holding her hostage. A nosy neighbor called 911 after hearing his girlfriend's screams. Actually they were having loud sex. What followed was a two hour standoff and police breaking down to the door, pointing their multiple weapons, cuffing and charging him. Several months later this was all sorted out in front of a courtroom. This is one example how things can go South really fast.

The point I'm trying to make is ex-soldiers do not make great peace officers. They are trained in entirely another way with how to deal with things. They've seen action in combat zones which have been engrained on their minds after serving multiple tours. They tend to want to equip themselves with military gear that suggest they are going to war with street criminals which in many cases these thugs could be subdued without all that over-the-top kind of firepower.

While I support good policing 100% they must also realize in many cases what separates them from the bad guys becomes less and less everyday in their treatment of people who fall under suspicion. Indeed in some cases it's only the badge or the lettering on their jackets they wear that one can tell them apart these days.

Another personal story
A story difficult to tell without revealing who and what police department was involved. Let's just say it was one either in Allentown, Bethlehem or Easton. I'll refer to her as "R". "R" was married to a cop. When she was pregnant he would try and trip her coming down the stairs so she'd lose their baby. The first night they got their own place he beat her up and trashed all her belongings. She was absolutely 100% scared to call the local police because they were his buddies. So she endured for several months. To make a long story short. She in the end moved out of the Lehigh Valley. Got her doctorate degree and ended up in a top level position in school administration elsewhere. Alls well that ends well.

This post is not about trashing all the good cops that work their asses off to make this a better world. BUT, cops are human like the rest of us. If civilians did to cops what some cops get away they'd be doomed to a life behind bars (or worse) if they tried to defend themselves. No good can come from further escalating the armament or police using force beyond what is necessary. The direction we're heading is not good.

More and more we see what's being reported almost everyday in the news. Cops having paramilitary like units is not something I envision for having a better future for the United States. The days of the friendly cop on the street corner have since passed. Is this what we want for our kids growing up?

Penn State's $13,500+ A Week Athletic Director

"Barbour's compensation package is about double that of her predecessor... Barbour will make a base salary of $700,000 and will receive a yearly retention bonus of $100,000. She also has a $100,000-a-year payout for meeting performance goals based on graduation rates, post-season appearances and more."

My Comments About The Article Above
Two words... "Economic Inequality". No one will ever convince me anyone is worth $13,500+ a week (in the private sector or otherwise). Under the rules of sanity if someone were to try and justify this kind of salary their only argument could be such a person brings in more money then they take out. Does the position of 'athletic director' do that?

Penn State Quick Facts:* Penn State has over 98,000 students
* Penn State’s total operating budget for 2014-15 is $4,638,774,000
* In the year ending on June 30, 2013: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania appropriations were $272,431,000 and United States government grants and contracts totaled another $503,517,000

That's a lot of simoleons!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Top 10 Posts Of All Time

Since 2008- Listed In Order

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(3) Posted Friday, December 27, 2013- Why We Can't Afford Cedarbrook Or Gracedale
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(8) Posted Sunday, January 27, 2013- VIDEOS Dorney Park's History
(9) Posted Monday, February 18, 2013- HUMOR: Older Men Scam
(10) Posted Monday, November 25, 2013- JFK On The Issues

60% of the top read posts were historical or informative in nature.
40% of the top read posts are humorous or about entertainment.

60% were posted in 2013
30% were posted before 2013
Only one of the top 10 was from this year (2014)

Upon Review..
From that information It's not clear what posts appeal to people the most. However when I look over all of 1,105 posts, political posts seem have the fewest readers. Perhaps this is because we have several blogs here locally who's main focus is on politics. Not to even mention cable news burnout from their endless political pundits 24/7/365.

I think it's safe to say the majority who visit this blog come for mainly two things. Information that has historical or entertainment value and/or for humor. I find it a bit hard to limit myself to those since I have so many opinions about so many things. It's a shame because that is what I enjoy most about blogging. However I've come to realize even when I post something that should set people off.. it doesn't. And yes, I have done that deliberately on occasion. While I never sought out to have the most readers it's important that I remember it takes as much effort to compose hot topics as it does to write about other stuff.

I'm A Slow Learner
So after 6 years of blogging and publishing web pages 3 years before this, upon review, I'm going to try and limit myself to humor, information, entertainment and historical material. With a dash from time to time the sharing of personal stuff. Oh I'm sure I will still throw my opinions in the mix, but I will try and limit myself from now on to those four categories.

As always, if you have something to add, feel free to leave a comment or two.

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Missing Persons- "Words"

Friday, July 25, 2014

Why Are People So Damned Nasty!

I was inspired to write this after reading so many nasty comments left at various social sites on the internet

I Got Mine, So The Hell With You
I'm not talking about the majority of people, but it only takes a much smaller number to mucky this world up. Especially if they are high profile people in Congress, the media or cooperate management. These are the folks who exert the most influence over sheepeoples' who are far too predominate in this world today.Fallacy #1: I deserve great healthcare coverage because I earned it by working my ass off. Anyone who doesn't have coverage are uneducated and/or too lazy. Everyone knows medical treatment should only be available for those deemed worthy of it. So The Hell With You.

Fallacy #2: No one coming into this country illegally has a legitimate reason for doing so. I don't want to listen to your pathetic little stories. Not my problem. Tough. Go back where you came from. So The Hell With You.

Fallacy #3: Only good guys with guns can ... So The Hell With You.
Is there some sort of test for who's a 'good guy' ?

Fallacy #4: Everybody knows if you didn't do anything wrong you have nothing to fear from the law. You must have done something. So The Hell With You.

Fallacy #5: Government regulations. Don't need no stinking regulations. Companies always end up doing right by their customers. So The Hell With You.

Fallacy #6: Entitlements is nothing but code for those who think they deserve things just because... So The Hell With You.

Fallacy #7: All conservatives/liberals are alike. So The Hell With You.

Living In A World Of Black And White (Simple Minds)
Anyone who truly believes the world is made up of only one thing or the other lacks comprehension. No not all Israelis are saints anymore then the Palestinians. No not all cops, priests, teachers, politicians, neighbors and so forth are whom we perceive them to be. Even our best friends can surprise us.

Money is an invention of mankind as another means of separating one persons worth as opposed to another. Laws, religion and opinions also serve three other ways to divide humanity from itself. All these serve to separate and divide These and more can be said to serve as tools for the devil. All of which are divisive and tend to divide the world into being either black or white depending how ones measures worth.

How Is True Worth Measured?
It's beyond thinking the world is either this way or that. Each and every person has a story. Each and every person should not be measured by where they were born. How much they've attained in wealth or stature. Rather a true person's worth should be measured in understanding and having empathy towards another person who may not have had as good a fortune in this life to enjoy the wealth, health or family as another was born into.

Sure their are some who have evil in the hearts, but there are far too many of us who refuse to accept weaker people then ourselves who truly have good intentions but fall along the way. As a result, because of our lack of patience and understanding having written them off, causing them to lash out in a most negative way. What do you think happens when someone keeps telling these kind of people they are worthless?

No one is truly 100% either this and that. There's some good and bad in everyone. No one's perfect. Neither is the world made up of only one kind of person or another. Nothing is either just this or that (B&W). Bottom feeders in the media are laughing all the way to bank over fools who listen to them.

It's Been Said...
Wherever there is conflict in this world the devil comes to feed. Without it, the devil starves. So the question becomes are you feeding the devil or nourishing your soul through compassion and understanding?

The devil or God is mankind's choice. Let each be accountable to oneself for the choice they make.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

About Allentown NIZ Jobs

" Nancy Dischinat, executive director of the Lehigh Valley Investment Board, said she expects the number to increase drastically in the next few weeks, especially as even more jobs become available. She said 1,023 people attended the residents-only job fair on Thursday alone."

My Comments About The Article Above
I'm not surprised that only 16 have landed jobs. Hold your horses it's early yet. It also should be pointed out that all Pennsylvania taxpayers had a portion of their money go into this project. Therefore everyone should have an equal shot whether they live in Allentown or not.

For a very long time I've stated repeatedly the majority of people living downtown aren't a bunch of lazy welfare money grabbers living off government's teat if they had a choice. Although people have argued with me about this, I will state once again, what we need are blue collar jobs. Most are never going to pursue a master's degree. It may be because many are not born to become scholars either because they don't have the brains or decided they want to do less complex work. Things such as manufacturing, installers, repair or in the building trades.

For every engineer we need dozens of workers to carry out their designs. For every boss we need tens of workers for them to oversee in the first place.

Face it, when 1,023 people lined up in the first round for these (crappy) minimum wage mostly part time jobs there's a huge need for the kind of jobs I've described. Until not only Allentown but in every city these jobs are made available things will never improve.

The fallacy that Allentown residents are a bunch of lazy people who don't want to work has been completely disproved by the sheer numbers who stood in line on that day.

I'll give you another couple of examples from my own personal observations. There is a bus that leaves Allentown everyday early in the morning headed to the warehouses in Upper Macungie. I've seen this bus at times so packed there was standing room only and it required a second bus be pressed in service to haul them all. In addition (although it's illegal) two or three gypsy vans loaded to the hilt also made the trek. They would pull up to certain warehouses where people would get out and stand in the rain, cold or hot sun in large groups of 20 or more. Warehouse managers would then come out and round up whatever number of workers they needed that day. The rest had to go back to Allentown empty handed.

So don't even try and tell me people from Allentown aren't desperate for work!

Here's The Kicker
Allentown's NIZ(ones) are going to end up costing Pennsylvania taxpayers up to $1 billion dollars. So far none of these brought in business from outside of the state. These warehouses (which pay $10 on up) were built almost entirely by private investors. Not only that but they have brought in dozens and dozens of huge businesses far beyond the borders of this state from which they came. Such names as Ocean Spray, Sam Adams, Coca Cola, Nestle and many others.

In other words these warehouses have provided LANTA with passengers and many from Allentown with good paying jobs. Allentown workers may not be the only ones working out there, but in the end both Pennsylvania and Allentown are getting far more bang for the buck.

About The NIZ
I'm not going to sit here and try to tell you that Allentown won't look prettier or draw people into the city. BUT I can say as far as a return on investment it's not the cat's meow for either these new jobs or for taxpayers in Pennsylvania if the NIZ can't bring in out of state businesses.

All the restaurants, hotels and office owners and occupiers so far come from just beyond the city's limits. This (so far) only benefits local investors who already are here in Pennsylvania and possibly Allentown itself. It does little to improve the finances for the majority of residents who will land minimum wage part time jobs. Nor will Pennsylvania's overall tax revenues increase unless out of state businesses start relocating to it. Other then the Phantoms, so far that isn't happening.

No I'm not against revitalizing Allentown. There's nothing more I'd like to see. My opposition against the NIZ was never ever about that. I'm not a naysayer. What concerns me is forcing Pennsylvania taxpayers to invest in a strategy that has little hope of providing a profitable return for the state. Nor creating the kind of jobs which will support a family.

Yes the city government of Allentown itself will greatly benefit. However it may be the only one.* Property owners could see an increase in taxes because of increased appraisal values if they pull this off (also causing rents to go up).

* Surrounding burbs lost some of their businesses to the NIZ. We've even seen some businesses relocating from within the city itself causing hardships for landlords located outside the NIZ.

* So far no out of state businesses have come here. Therefore the number of new high paying fulltime jobs have not increased significantly. Allentown has a population of 118,974 (2012). Allentown has over a 10% unemployment rate (11,897 people) <<< This is a incorrect number. There are about half as few or less.-- See Comments Below

After we invest nearly $1 billion there will be few more then 700 part time minimum wage jobs available. At that rate we could have given them each a million dollars and still have $200-$300 million left over!