Thursday, October 30, 2014

Gov. Christie Blew It This Time

There's a lot of times I go along with and support Chris Christies brashness. This ain't one of them.

Christie went off on a heckler. In other words he took the bait this heckler might have set him up for.

Christie was holding a news conference to toot his own horn on how well he handled hurricane Sandy. The problem is HE DIDN'T. He accused the protestor of flapping his gums and not "rolling up his sleeves". Well the gov, like all politicians, blow into town, make promises then leave w/o doing any actual physical work. No problem. I accept that. What I don't accept is two years later only 20% of the aide money promised was doled out.

There's no doubt this guy was a heckler. It's also true he was exploiting the occasion for his own cause. Question is how else could he make it known what a bunch of phony baloney the governor is spouting?

Apparently no one has been paying attention to this business owner-activist. Well they are now..


As you can see this guy isn't a nut. Thank goodness for people like him for standing up & speaking out. We need more like him to call these politicians out. If Christie has any hope ever of running for president it will be interesting to see how he responds. The only decent response would be to sit down, apologize to this man and publicly speak with him on camera. Short of that we don't need another windbag in the oval office.

My regret is that I at one time had a much higher regard for the governor. At this point I feel he is just one more slick politician who will serve no one well. Here's his chance to prove his mettle. Man up to his short comings or go away.

Ebola Crazy Talk

Coming from Fox News's expert on all things... O'Reilly Calls For The Arrest Of Nurse Fighting Ebola Quarantine

So far The CDC reports to date only 3 known cases in the United States resulting in only one death. The CDC "estimates that from the 1976-1977 season to the 2006-2007 flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people".

If we're going to start locking up healthy people who don't have symptoms of Ebola shouldn't wacko Bill O' and the Fox newshounds have greater priorities?

When we start locking people up just because they've been around a sick person it's time to turn off the lights, lock the door and say goodbye to everything this nation is suppose to stand for.

Fox News obviously is on the forefront of advocating the taking away of constitutional freedoms they hypocritically claim to support.

To be sure, if someone becomes sick with Ebola we need to isolate them because we have no certain cure. However someone who is not sick poses no where near the threat as someone carrying the flu which can potentially kill 1,000's.

I do realize Fox News makes it's money by stirring people up causing fear, distrust and divisiveness, however on this they've crossed over the line. What they're doing is threatening the very freedoms of this nation. The minute we start sending sick people to isolation compounds we've begun a journey down a dark path that makes a mockery of all what our soldiers fought against in WWII and lost their lives.

If anyone is "sick" it's guys like Bill O'Reilly who want to lock up healthy people he perceives a threat. No I don't want to play the Hitler card, but it sure sounds a hellva' lot like it to me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Computer Code Programmers Are Screwed Up!!

     Here's why..

There's something wrong with these geniuses. I've been using 'Internet Explorer 11' for almost a year just fine, now things are starting to get screwy on Google services.

A few weeks ago I received email notifications regarding approving comments left on my YouTube videos. After clicking on the links in the email they didn't show up so I could approve them like they always had before. Coincidentally they show up in Google's Chrome browser just fine.. IMAGINE THAT!

Now today on blogger I starting getting this message on the top of my "post it" page...

Then when I went to upload picture files, each and every time the browser locked up. So I checked things out and this is what Google says...

Isn't it amazing.. somehow if I use Goggle's 'Chrome' browser everything works just fine. Apparently they screwed up my Microsoft's browser 11 in favor of their own.. IMAGINE THAT TOO!

These Einsteins can never leave things well enough alone. They constantly have changed the GUI on YouTube nearly every week. Enough already!

No matter which site I log on to that Google owns they want my cell phone #.. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

Same goes to all these other so-called programmers elsewhere. The wife went to download Sony eBooks to her reader she's had for years. It took 6 hours, 2 emails and a phone call before she could log on. She tried the "forgot password" option several times. Every time it would send all the information to her email in Spanish. WTF ?

The Morning Call site loads up pages with other stories I could care less about when someone scrolls down too far. This is a pain.

This is bullshit.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Programmers are making things way more complicated then they have to be. Somebody needs to clamp down on these programmers. They've gotten out of hand. These days I spend more time trying to do work-arounds and fending off programs wanting updates then getting things done that I set out to do.

As far as updates go.. I highly suspect programmers seek approval to update so they can gather information far more then supposedly improving these applications. It's a way of getting around garnering information that otherwise would be protected by the installed operation systems and virus software.

It seems every site and it's programmers now have an agenda. Things are becoming overly complicated. Soon much of this will become broken and may very well become unusable to anyone other then those willing to put up with this shit. The internet was created so people could share thoughts and ideas. If this becomes too complicated fewer and fewer will find a need for it.

While I enjoy blogging, it's becoming increasingly harder and harder having to fight both haters while at the same time jumping through the hoops necessary to post by these programmers at Google and elsewhere. These guys need to stop screwing around changing things every week or so... it's just that simple.

YouTube Has $well Idea

Chris Morran | Consumerist-- YouTube Planning To Let You Pay To Avoid Ads

Well I got to hand it to them, they're always thinking. Several YouTube channels have already gone the subscription route. Problem is there is a difference between polished and monetized uploaders (which YouTube compensates) then some kid who shot a video of his dog chasing it's tail. Question is should YouTube get paid for videos they don't have to compensate someone for?

Sadly some of the videos are shorter then the ads pre-rolling on them. There is nothing stopping YouTube from making these ads even longer until they become so obnoxious users would then pay into so they could avoid them.

As you might have surmised I'm not in favor of cracking open the lid on this practice. There is no right or wrong here on the part of Google/YouTube. Nobody's forcing viewers. This is a matter of supply & demand and the choices consumers make. Unfortunately in today's world consumers seem all to willing to do these kind of things making it bad for the rest of us who are not onboard with the idea. The way I see it, YouTube is free to make whatever choices they want.. and so am I.

More and more internet sites are going the subscription route. I'm already paying almost $400 a year just to access the internet. Damned if I'm going to spend another $400 to line the pockets of these big corporations just so I can stream videos and read news stories on top of the $1,690+ cable bill I already spend each year already going to many of these same companies.

Hard To Get Good Help In Washington D. C.

According to Michael S. Schmidt @ New York Times the guy appointed to investigate the Secret Service involvements in 2012 with prostitutes stepped down. This after uncertainties he might have had one of his own involving prostitutes.

"I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts."
~ Will Rogers ~

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Republicans Could Take The Senate In 2014 Elections

Steven Yaccino | Bloomberg: If Polls Hold True the GOP Will Take Over the Senate. They used the measurements in key states.

On Monday, October 27th Real Clear Politics polling data shows overall a 50/50 split between both parties in all the states where Senators are up for re-election.

Pardon Me While I Demonstrate My Partiality
I find it hard to believe things are this close considering how many groups Republicans are standing up against.* Most are against abortions even for victims of rape & incest. Why would women support them?
* Attempting to privatize/reduce SS & Medicare. Why would seniors support them?
* Against raising the minimum wage. Why would low income workers support them?
* Trying their level best to cut benefits and salaries of gov't workers. Why would they support them?
* Tax policies that lean towards favoring wealthy corporations.
* Reducing regulations on environment, mortgage lenders, labor laws/unions and a plethora of others.

These are name but a few. It seems to me there should be a lot of segments put off by this and yet that doesn't seem to be the case judging by these polls.

I'll give you one example. Abortion--- Today it is now possible to artificially inseminate a woman's eggs externally and determine hereditary characteristics from the DNA that could produce a child prone to breast cancer, autism, dementia and hundreds of more defective offspring. Not only in that offspring but all those who's generations would follow. Determining which embryo would not be forced to be born into such a nightmare, the good embryo(s) is then placed backed into the woman thereby giving birth to a healthy child. Thus eliminating needless suffering and the huge costs that go with it to both the family and society as a whole. The cost is about $16,000. Making abortion completely illegal this science wouldn't be allowed to happen. Millions would be born and needlessly suffer unnecessarily. Untold amounts of money would be spent on healthcare by both the parents and society (you & I) for them. Preventing this science from happening just doesn't make sense.

No I'm not for government running our lives or telling what's best for us as conservatives claim liberals want to do. But isn't this exactly what conservatives are doing when it comes to certain issues like abortion and birth control?

I realize there are plenty of Democrats out there that would give the farm away if given absolute free reign. However from my experience there are far fewer hard core left wing candidates then seems to be those on the right. About all I can say when it comes to voting, may neither side win control of congress. Sometimes gridlock is better then if either party gets a full head of steam on them because it would then require compromise. Maybe little may change, but in many instances that may be a good thing.

Which You Rather?
Government control where you can un-elect, petition or impeach to get things changed?
Surrender to private commercial interests by stripping government's control over them?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Baby Wipes Recalled

Due to Potential Bacteria in Baby Wipes

Why buy these when for a fraction of the price..

Restaurant Worker Finds Yet One More Way To Get Fired

Mary Beth Quirk |, "A woman nursing her 2-month-old son at a Texas restaurant says she saw an employee of the eatery snapping photos of her during the breastfeeding session."

Apparently she was alright with people seeing her, but not watching her and this boob fell for it.

ASD Votes To Outsource Substitute Teachers

Sara K. Satullo | The Express-Times -- "The board voted Thursday night to join the Bethlehem Area School District in hiring Substitute Teacher Services to handles it substitute staffing. Delta-T was approved as a secondary supplier... This will allow the district to avoid having to pay for health benefits."

Let we me explain human nature if you have trouble understanding it.
* Someone who has no hope of ever teaching the same class or ever getting to know his/her students doesn't give a crap.
* Someone who knows they never will ever earn fulltime employment with the district won't give a crap.
* Someone teaching and receiving far less then those around them for it don't give a crap.
* Someone teaching for a day or two here and there aren't going to provide consistency to students who probably won't give a crap then either.
* Anyone who attended the Halloween parade or football games in Allentown may have noticed few give a crap about the games or how few members are in the marching band.

There's other things that can be done other then this. Less administrative personnel. Campus consolidation (fewer buildings). Teachers who would receive decent benefits for fulltime work (even if salaries are less then elsewhere) To name three.

It seems to me all we are looking at is the bottom line and completely ignoring what matters most. The human considerations as to what motivates both students and teachers.

LC Executive Tom Muller Vetoes Tax Cut

Precious Petty | The Express-Times : Lehigh County executive vetoes 'Happy Meal tax cut,' five other amendments to 2015 budget-- "Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller on Monday vetoed six of 16 amendments to the budget passed last week by Republican commissioners."

For God's sake why would I care if I got a $8 tax cut in 2015 if it means the county would receive $1.25m less revenue next year!

Some suggested using the $1.25 million to pay down debt. I feel the $1.25m would be put to much better use in establishing a rehab unit at Cedar Brook nursing home instead. You see Medicare pays less to government run nursing homes then those privately owned. Every hospital and privately owned facility in the area is going after the lucrative rehab business. My hope is his veto will not be overridden and the county can cash in on rehab services to help sustain Cedarbrook.

Once again for two years in a row these 'Tea Party Republicans" are being short sighted with their obstinacy regarding what's best over the long term. I don't need their damn 15 cents a week savings. This is just plain stupid!