Tuesday, June 29, 2021

WFMZ's Dick Dean Gets On My Nerves

I know I shouldn't let him. Dick [part owner] has less the three minutes to spew his crap at 10:26 PM weekdays but... This guy thinks the whole world is watching like he's some sort of celebrity speaking worldwide on a major conservative news network. No, he's speaks for WFMZ. A local TV channel. Instead of addressing Lehigh Valley issues he's shooting his mouth off about everything but. The guy drives me crazy with his phrases like "clown climatologists". Or "communist" AOC wanting to green up "earthquakes and volcanoes". The guy's so FOS with his smirking face spewing lies it makes me wonder if dementia set in?

Look I get it. Dick owns part of the station and has opinions but I bet he doesn't have a clue about what's going on in the Lehigh Valley. That makes him a worthless contributor to a local news service like WFMZ. Dick's another example of how out of touch owners of our local media can be. He never spoke once about local issues. NOT ONCE!

His opinion polls on WFMZ's website are worded so stupidly not even a moron could disagree with the way he wrote it. This makes them entirely worthless as a true public opinion poll can be.

Worst of all there's no way to respond to his outlandishness. Other then my expressing myself here.
Let me put it this way. Way back when I worked in broadcasting the FCC required owners to submit an explanation what their contributions to the local areas they served would be others couldn't offer at license renewal time. The FCC also required a certain number of hours to public services they would provide free to the local area they served. That's all gone out the window. Instead the FCC's main function today is focusing on transmission signals and the technical aspects thereof. In other words, broadcasters are no longer obligated, as a primary function, to serve the public interests wherein they are located.

This is neither good for the areas they serve. Nor for the larger listenership broadcasters seek which translates in lost dollars as well. Hence why local TV, like newspapers, are becoming less and less a factor in peoples lives.

In conclusion:
If Dick wants to truly be part of Lehigh Valley he needs to shut his trap and start focusing responsibly on local issues at the station he's part of. Otherwise he's just another old curmudgeon who has little to offer the Lehigh Valley area with his brain farts.

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  1. The senile old fart is a dinosaur who doesn't have a clue and provides nobody an opportunity to give a differing opinion. He's a right-wing extremist who presents his uneducated opinions as "facts."


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