Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Donald Trump Becomes A Blogger

Congratulations to him in joining people like myself into the highly rewarding esteemed world of blogging. Here's a few things I have to say about that.

Donald goes off moaning about being kicked off social media platforms whereas he can no longer comment. Yet his own blog does not allow comments. By not allowing comments he is doing exactly what he's accusing others of doing to him. The man's completely oblivious.

His blog does however encourage people to donate monthly $50 to $5,000 or more. People can also buy his merchandise Couldn't do that on twitter or Facebook. Wow, talk about monetizing!

Face facts, Donald has never been cancelled. He had every opportunity to appear on TV and has whenever he wanted giving him exposure to 2 million or more at a clip. I'd hardly call that suppression. How many schmucks reading his new blog will ever be given that kind of opportunity?

A few months ago he was sitting behind the desk in the oval office. Now he's become just another bottom feeding blogger. It doesn't appear he's dealing well with his transition to civilian life

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