Friday, February 15, 2019

Trump Let's Get This Over Already

Give him his damn $30 billion for the wall. Let him rob military housing funds and disaster relief money congress appropriated to pay for the wall too. Let him tariff other countries till we're broke paying for them. More tax breaks till U.S. revenues go belly up. Forget the $22 trillion dollar debt-- double it. Let him start a war with Iran and Venezuela. Forget fact-checking him-- let him lie his ass off. He mentioned he favored executing drug dealers. Let him eliminate anyone who isn't heterosexual from the military. Let him slash healthcare, Social Security, welfare, food stamps and other monies from all the social needs programs while we're at it. Let him speak on every damn network and on social media whenever he wants. In short let him run amuck if this is what it takes to wake America up. The sooner this comes to a head the better.

Frankly America is at a crossroads. If we're so ignorant as to follow his mental disease our founders have succeeded in-so-much as he and his supporters represent what has become the will of the people. This country would not be the first to do so-- nor the last. Just don't count me and others who personas deserve no such fate.

House of Cards | Frank Underwood (2016)

Yeah that about sums it up

Thus ends any further posts on this the Donald Trump presidency. I refuse to be further consumed by his sickness and those of his followers. What will be will be. Such is our destiny.

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