Sunday, July 8, 2018

Poorest States Are Under Republican Control

5 of the 6 states with the lowest per capita incomes are under Republican control.
All these states voted for Trump in 2016 #50 Mississippi - $21,036
#49 West Virginia - $22,714 - Except for 1 U.S. Senate Democrat
#48 Arkansas - $22,883
#47 Alabama - $23,606 - Except for 1 U.S. Senate Democrat
#45 Kentucky - $23,684

5 of the 7 states with the highest per capita incomes are under Democratic control.
None of these states voted for Trump in 2016 #1 Connecticut - $39,373
#2 New Jersey - #37,288
#3 Massachusetts - $36,593 - Except for the Republican governor
#4 Maryland - $36,388 - Except for the Republican governor.
#7 New York - $33,095 - Except for State Republican control in the Senate.
* Source Material:
List Of States By Income (2014)
States By Party Strength (2014)

Given the figures above it should be clear the Republican policies generate neither greater per capita nor median household wealth. Politicians and pundits lie. Numbers never do.

Seems the people in the states with the least are counting on Trump the most by voting for him. These folks are likely to find themselves greatly disappointed being they're the ones most affected by his cuts and future benefit reductions.

Couple that with Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and several other Midwestern states who also voted for him being the most impacted by Trump's tariff games.

Published on Apr 17, 2018

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