Friday, June 15, 2018

Why I Never Waste My Time Debating Trumpsters

Since Donald's come on the scene I feel very much like what Alice might have experienced in the novel 'THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS'.

It seems to me whatever Donald says or does exist on the opposite side of the mirror. They say crazy people don't know they're nuts. It could be I'm on the wrong side of the mirror. Even if it be so I wouldn't want to cross over to the side Donald's on. I'd much prefer living in a world where people respect each other. One which is filled with empathy and understanding. A world based on actual facts and where there isn't always this constant bickering. In other words-- living anywhere but in Donald's dimension.

Some scientists claim there are parallel universes. Did I somehow fall asleep one night and wake up in one of them?

Yeah.. OK.. So that might explain it.

These day's there's lots of hatred throughout world directed towards refugees. What shallow minds fail to comprehend is it's not about the faux borders redrawn from one era to the next as government leaders come and go. It's how we treat those oppressed and victimized forcing them to risk everything in becoming refuges from their own land. A measure of a country's greatness is measured by how we treat others as we would our own. That's the way things are on my side of the mirror. If you don't agree please stay on Donald's in whom his and your reflection of him will be more comfortable.

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