Monday, June 11, 2018

What Set Trump Off Against Canada


According to BLOOMBERG NEWS, "Canada has high milk tariffs beyond the allowed quotas, with an average duty of 218.5 percent on dairy. But on most other products, the country is roughly in line, with a trade-weighted average of 3.1 percent overall, WTO data show. “Trump’s use of 270% to besmirch Canada’s overall trade policies is disingenuous to be polite about it.. ”The article further noted "Canada imports twice as much dairy from the U.S. as it exports."

According to WIKIPEDIA, "On August 23, 2016, the U.S Department of Agriculture released that they planned to purchase approximately eleven million pounds (5,000 t) of cheese worth $20 million, to give aid to food banks and food pantries from across the United States, to reduce a $1.2 billion cheese surplus that has been at its highest level in thirty years...

USDA--"May 24, 2018-- The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today announced plans to purchase Cheddar Cheese for distribution to various food nutrition assistance programs."

In other words the United States is trying to do to Canada what Japan did to us back in 1980 with steel. According to this report from THE NEW YORK TIMES (04/30/1999), "The Commerce Department ruled in February that it had evidence that Japan, Russia and Brazil illegally ''dumped'' steel -- sold it in United States markets at prices below production costs or home-market prices." The United States responded by considering imposing tariffs up to 67%. This in part is what led to the collapse of Bethlehem Steel in 1995. Perhaps had Clinton acted decisively on steel as Canada is doing to protect it's dairy industry Bethlehem Steel and others might still be around.

Disgustingly Trump thinks he can get away with making stuff up.


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