Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tough Day At The Hospital

Normally I refrain posting too much about my daughter's job at the hospital. Today I'll make an exception.

Today her patient lashed out calling her a "fucking asshole". Another's family made repeated physical contact while speaking to her. As if cleaning crap between sweaty fat butt cheeks and administering critical care weren't enough she has to put up with this nonsense !

It's not like it's the first time she had to deal with many of the negative aspects of the job, but it's becoming increasingly uglier. Often times I'd like to think most of the trolls on social media sites are the exception on how most people conduct themselves in "real life". However it's becoming increasingly apparent to me we are becoming uglier as a whole. She's been doing this job for almost 20 years. With each passing year this is becoming nastier to deal with.

She and her coworkers handled it well up until this year. This is the 2nd time she broke down and cried. Some of her fellow workers did as well since the beginning of the year. A few taking time off or quitting. Never having done so before.

As a result I find myself becoming less tolerant. I really truly wish I wasn't becoming this way towards others.

I find myself drawing further into myself as a way of coping. What a damn shame.

Here' Another Story Which Helps Explain My Recent Attitude
There's a close friend of ours who works fulltime but spends nearly all her waking hours trying to help reduce the stray cat population. She (at her own expense) sets traps for stray cats. Has them neutered/spayed. Tries to find forever homes or releases them back to where they came from. Many of the so-called forever homes she finds return them for some pretty lame reasons making it even harder on her. Recently she used a social media site who claimed many of her posts were deleted because of complaints. People complaining obviously are too damn stupid to realize she's not just repurposing cats without spading or neutering them first. They've accused her of contributing to the ever increasing number of cats. Damnit--she's doing just the opposite !

Others have been passing around her address and phone number assuming they can drop their cats off like she's some sort of cat woman harboring a huge cat population in her home (she only has 3). When she tries to explain how they too can help reduce the population by doing what she does they disappear like magic. Sometimes this woman is out of town for days at a time with little to no sleep. She surely doesn't need this kind of aggravation when she returns home.

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