Friday, June 29, 2018

Thoughts About Black Holes In Space

I just read an article entitled, Are Holes Real Things or Just a Place Where Something Isn’t?

Wow this gives me a whole new perspective. Up till now I've always thought of them as gravitational giants sucking in everything and warping time until they could no longer be seen or escape. Compressing them all into one great big dense ball of hopelessness. However in this article one theory has it black holes are a place where nothing whatsoever exist. In other words a utter void of nothingness. In this scenario all matter and energy would cease to exist.

Another theory (I favor) has it they could be similar to a donut hole having a galaxy revolving around it. If this hypothesizes were correct upon matter straying into a black hole it would end up someplace else. A place where it would no longer be observable to us. I tend to think it is possible since a number of black holes are shooting out enormous jets of energy. We have no idea from where. I also believe it would explain our universe's ever increasing speed postulated to be from some sort of inexplicable 'dark matter'. Could it be from the other side of the hole someplace else?

Not all black holes eject energy. Some only draw it in. Thus we may have two types. One going someplace else. Another someplace else to here. There's a supposed unlimited number of black holes we have yet to discover. If all of this is true we couldn't possibility ever come to know the true extent of existence. Putting this in human terms. If I were the creator and wanted to protect my species I couldn't imagine a better way to keep them apart so they couldn't destroy each other.

I'll admit when it comes to the possibility of wormholes,
I was more drawn to the "Stargate" series

...over that of Steven King's more negative miniseries "The Langoliers".

One never knows, do one?

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