Saturday, June 30, 2018

Some Really Great People Out There

If everyone was as generous with themselves we could eliminate turning to charities or government. The takeaway I got from this. She's grateful. Something I too must reflect on whenever I see those with less then myself. We (my self included at times) assume things about other people without knowing the circumstances which they find themselves.

What makes this woman truly great is she never judges. She only sees their need. Then provides what she can to help get them through the day. She is a role model how we as individuals and as a nation should respect each other. With all the food on this earth nobody should go hungry. This won't solve all the world's problems but it's a good start. This simple act of kindness could go a long way towards bringing about world peace. Even the fiercest predatory animals won't attack each other when they're well fed.

Eating is the one thing we all share in common. Talking to one another over a meal is a great way to begin understanding our differences. No one understood this better then Anthony Bourdain.

Well maybe.. except for this guy

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