Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Take On The Trump Kim Jong-Un Summit

I've always been in favor the United States talks with other leaders no matter the circumstance. My thoughts are far different from those being bantered about. Here's what concerns me.

Assuming Kim Jong-Un Is Sincere Can He Deliver?
For 60 years the people of North Korea have been brainwashed by every means possible to trust only what they've been told since birth. This includes most of it's military leaders who were born after the war. Under both Kim and his father each were to be treated as almost religious Gods. Now all in a sudden their God like leader claims he will instruct his people to forget everything they've been told.

To my way of thinking it's like telling his people Satan (the United States) isn't such a bad guy after all. North Koreans should now accept Satan because Kim has made peace with the face of evil. I wonder how many will buy what he's selling There sure are a hellva' lot of people in this country who have their doubts about Kim's change of heart. Imagine how his people will react being expected to do a 180 from everything they've ever known!

The way I see it a few things could happen. (1) Kim could find himself overthrown by his own leaders. Possibly executed. (2) Kim feeling threatened by such could either walk back his agreements or exercise his dictatorial powers over those who threaten him. (3) The best possible scenario is most of the North Koreans (like many Russians once behind the 'Iron Curtain') are not as brainwashed as we are led to believe and will welcome the change. Here's to hoping it's the latter,

As you can see I'm not concerned with the appearances, politics or who said what. My greatest concern is how the North Korean people themselves react. Success or failure lies almost entirely in their hands. If Kim's going to sell this to his people it's going to take all the skill he can muster

However no one should rule out the possibly this could have been one great big shit show Time will tell. It's still too early to know for sure. The best indicator will be what North Korean TV airs in the coming days ahead. That and whether third parties are allowed in to verify what was agreed to.

Although Republican President Nixon was execrated he was credited for what people at the time thought was a good deal. Developing relations with China. This eventually led to trade agreements with China. Thus ending a 21 year embargo. This eventually killed off our manufacturing industry. In other words China would never be where it is today if it were not for him.

We should be concerned with more and more of our allies' trade agreements with China and Russia going on without us. Several are approving trade no longer based entirely on the U.S. dollar to avoid our ever growing lists of sanctions.

This is no time to pissing off our partners. Trump Wants Russia back in G7 but Russia says no thanks. The Telegraph (UK) reported Putin said "the combined purchasing power of the Russia and China-led Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) , a meeting of which he was attending in China, outstripped the G7."

Looks like we're not the only game in town.

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