Saturday, June 9, 2018

Internet Users Need To Wise Up

I've posted many times these same words. It bears repeating.

When I began many years ago before there was an internet I used my dial up to connect to other computers through our telephone lines to one another. In those days there was no such thing as 'caller ID'. So we both were quite safe.

Since then a lot has changed. As the internet began to evolve we long time users were warned to stay anonymous as possible. The reason being not every neighborhood was safe just as it is in the so-called real world. Not only friendlies are out there but lots of bad actors as well. Yet people still continue to take unnecessary risks.

This from the New York Post:
I sold my photo to a stock site and now I’m the face of bestiality. “I was mortified when I saw it on an article about bestiality.”

Some in the past found photos they uploaded to Facebook and other sites were used on dating and porn sites. Countless more had their names attached to spoofed accounts. Still others had their social media accounts hijacked because of stolen passwords.

I cannot fathom why people still continue to believe somehow they are immune, Once photos and other information is stolen it can never be taken back. It remains out there in the vast expanse of the internet forever. This is why I remind everyone how important it is to avoid making oneself vulnerable in the first place.

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