Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang The Musical Finale

While I was wandering around on the net today I came across this clip. It immediately brought back all the great feelings having seen it live onstage back in 2005 at the Hilton Theatre in NYC. It still strikes me how designers were so creative to have imagined crafting an actual flying car. So too how producers held back saving the most amazing part for last. The part where the car flies up over some 15 or 20 feet past the stage into the audience. I can't ever imagine it ever returning to Broadway again being the prop was sold. Hence making this even a more special memory for me.

Even though it ran 285 performances on Broadway
producers didn't recoup their $15 Million investment.

The last I heard Anthony Garofalo owner of the AACA Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania bought the car back in 2015 although I'm not sure he still has it.

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