Friday, May 11, 2018

McCain Being Trashed By Trump Followers

Because John McCain doesn't want Trump at his funeral and because of John's opposition to Gina Haspel being confirmed to head up the CIA all the claws came out. A guest on Fox Business called him a "songbird" under torture while being held captive in Vietnam for almost 6 years. Another staffer in a conference at the White House saying what difference does he make, "he's dying anyway".

To me this was about the last straw with this administration. This after pulling out of our agreement with Iran against everyone's wishes aside from the Donald's. Even members of his own White House recommended him not to. Paying off the Stormy Daniels agreement is just about the only one this guy has made good on throughout the years. He screwed DACA people promising them he'd look out for them and not to worry. Lied about "repealing & replacing" Obamacare with a far better plan. One which would be a "big beautiful plan covering everybody which will be much cheaper". His tax breaks required the treasury borrow $800 billion in the first quarter this year coming up short on revenue.

I could go on and on with my complaints about this guy. Those were a few of the biggest affecting the most people. Trump has a endless list of people he's either trashed himself or allowed others without offering a word. However this latest trashing of John McCain is the straw that broke the camel's back with me. This phony president who claims to support veterans hasn't said a peep in John's defense. While McCain was suffering almost six years in Vietnam at the Hanoi Hilton captain bone spurs was building his so-called business empire back home. It's one thing for him or me to disagree with policies but entirely another as a human being (especially the president of the U.S.) to allow these people to speak in such a way unchecked.

John McCain captivity in Vietnam, 1967

A POW with John McCain at the same time

There can be no greater example of American values then in John McCain
Senator John McCain (R-AZ) made a poignant return to the Senate, less than a week after learning he has an aggressive form of brain cancer

Published on Jul 25, 2017

As John pointed out in that speech...
Enough with this endless RINO, DINO crap. Those are code words spoken by ignorant sick minded people who despise reasonable politicians willing to engage in bipartisanship. We're losing a boatload of them in public office. The last time we've seen this much partisanship was before the civil war. Today, much like back then, irregardless of claiming to be patriots anyone engaging in placing party over country is anything but.

There's always been this division boiling beneath this country. What limited it from coming to the surface were people in government who made every effort to unify and bring those divisions together. Unlike Donald who's exploited peoples' differences to the max. Not only people within in this country but sow divisions between other nations and ours.

Look I'm all for different views and election outcomes, but Donald is taking this country far beyond. He made these divisions personal afar what should be reasonably expected of a president. He and those who carry water for him are generating hatred between neighbors and others in the world. No good can come from this. If evil were to wield it's sword in this world I suspect it would appoint Donald to be the bearer of it. That's how strong I feel about this.

To recognize evil is not difficult. Despite all the seeming complexities that which is evil seeks to divide by it's very nature. That which seeks to unite is of the opposite.

All our divisions can't be laid blame on Donald's doorstep alone. He can't do anything without supporters. What alarms me the most are the number of people unwilling to accept our commonality. I never realized just how much we could be this easily divided. Makes me question just what kind of country I thought we were. One which we say we are and the other whom we actually are.

Now that I think about it-- looking back over history we never were very nice to each other. Guess I deluded myself into expecting more of this generation. How disappointing.


  1. Sorry for your skewed analysis. John McCain, who I would consider a hero, should be thrown out of the republican party. He constantly votes against their agenda because of his dislike for President Trump and I believe this is because he could not muster the electorate that Trump did. He is bitter in his age, health and overall thinking. He is a detriment to the republican party and the changing of the tide that is working today. Look at all numbers, the D's can't challenge the successes and they must change their profiles to proliferate!

    1. "..should be thrown out of the republican party."

      McCain was called a "maverick" over the many years he served because he didn't just go along to get along. His votes were biased in favor of issues over party. McCain is (or should I say WAS) the face of the Republican party.

      What the hell the Republican party is these days I have no idea (party of the unyielding?). Nothing like the one I backed on more then a few occasions several years ago.

      If all your looking for is zombie candidates marching in lock step then certainly that seems to be "the changing of the tide that is working today". I prefer candidates that can think for themselves.


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