Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Maybe Voters Should Boycott All Elections

The Morning Call
Allentown expects $4-5 million annual deficit through 2022
"Allentown is expected to have a $4 million to $5 million structural deficit annually for the next five years and won’t have the flexibility to borrow money long term, according to a report released by Allentown City Council on Monday."

Allentown is bleeding deficits. The school district is bleeding deficits. The water authority is facing deficits. The state is bleeding deficits. The federal government is bleeding deficits.

In Allentown we've had dozens of extremely vocal activists lash out against tearing down Hamilton Street for the NIZ, the phony incinerator deal, the Cedar Beach pool debacle, water lease boondoggle and others which all turned out very badly.

Voting and screaming didn't do a damn thing to dissuade any of these deals or the NIZ from going through. Now here we are back where we started.. BACK IN DEBT.

Dem thar are sum purtty buildings downtown, but they haven't done a damn thing to help the school district or city's finances. The worst part is city residents had no say in the matter. Apparently soon we'll be forced to pony up for the revenue these extravagant buildings are failing to generate for the city.

I Think The Best Thing Voters Could Do Is.. NOT VOTE.
Elections have become a facade where politicians (backed up by big money) will say and do anything. What's the point of voting when no matter who gets elected the end results are always the same? It's time to send a clear message and the best way to do that is to say we no longer want to participate in the game.

It's not a crazy idea as one might think. If we were to be honest with ourselves the majority are not voting FOR somebody but rather AGAINST someone else they don't want to get in. This means even if their candidate sucks it's better then the other guy winning. How about this. Next time we think about voting only pick the ones we really want w/o thinking about how it may or may not affect the outcome. Currently most of us vote for whom we consider the "less evil". "Less"/"more" what's the diff? Why should weighing one evil against another play a part? After all isn't evil still evil whether it be in greater or lesser form?

We Need To Change How We Think About Voting
By not voting we're sending a clear message-- NONE OF THE ABOVE do we find acceptable.

Too often we feel guilty if we don't vote. If a potential voter thinks none of the candidates worthy I feel it's their true patriotic duty not chose any of them.

Some may say to themselves "if I don't vote I'm responsible because of someone's else's bad choice". My reply-- Project Much? That's on them.

Readers can do whatever they choose. As for me I will never vote again till it's for the people I really, truly, genuinely want to see in office. Never ever again the "lesser of two evils". No more compromises.

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