Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How To Fix Illegal Immigration

Anyone who ever visited the beach can tell you were the seagulls will swarm. To those feeding them. Same goes with pigeons in the park. I put this the most crudest simplistic terms I could think of. It was not meant to dehumanize these poor unfortunate refuges. I'm certain not a one of these like any of us wouldn't wish to uproot our families tearing ourselves and loved ones apart from everything we've ever known growing up The whole thing boils own to only one thing-- desperation.

Imagine how miserable it must be to think wherever you go people will make you and your family feel unwelcome (sometimes hated).

A place where people neither speak your language or have the same culture. What little you own can't be taken with you. No job. No home. Little hope.

So How Do We Fix This?
Good medical practice dictates it's far better to eradicate the root cause of a disease before it infects rather then try to cure it once it spreads. In other words our U.S. policies should be directed towards stabilizing these problems in other countries rather then bombing, sanctioning their economies as well as allowing companies to take unfair advantage.

With South American countries too often we dictate what prices we'll pay agricultural farmers rendering them unable to survive. As a result they turn to far more lucrative illegal crops. Thus creating violent gangs trying to avoid the poverty we helped create. In turn giving rise to crooked politicians making living there untenable.

I see no reason why we couldn't create foreign policies which help develop manufacturing, farming and encourage U.S. companies to invest in South American countries where refugees have become a problem. It's a known fact companies exploit cheap labor. You can't tell me with the proper encouragement the United States government couldn't entice businesses to invest if it were so inclined with similar South American labor. It isn't like the countries we are already dealing with are all democracy based humanitarians.

Let Me Put This In A Nut Shell
Either we make things more hospitable where refugees are coming from OR continue making our side of the border look more attractive. It makes far more sense economically as well for our nation's security to help these people remain where they are. Besides increasing our standing in the world (appearing less adversarial) it will help reduce the flow of drugs coming up from South America.

Instead of the United States resolving this problem through a intelligent humanitarian solution we've chosen instead to arm ourselves against them. This is not what I want this great nation to stand for.

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