Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Here Is Why Jobs Are Disappearing

Mail.com: The Nut Fitter Suite -- Seat has installed 'dancing robots' at its Barcelona manufacturing facility. The state-of-the art factory has some 2,000 robots building the cars. The machines work alongside humans completing a car body every 68 seconds.

This is what U.S. car manufacturers are up against

No matter who the politician is they're all FOS when it comes to filling voters' heads they somehow can create jobs. Any company that gets it's hands on some cash will always try modernizing operations where they can. In other words eliminate workers when given the opportunity..

Why Wouldn't They... Wouldn't You?
(1) Robots don't need parking lots, bathrooms or break areas.
(2) They work 24/7 365 days a year w/o pay and for zero benefits.
(3) Robots can work in a building w/o heat, cooling or even overhead lights.
(4) These machines can't form labor groups.
(5) It's hellva lot cheaper to replace a broken bolt then missing appendage.
(6) Robots can do things no human is capable of.
(7) OSHA can't fine companies for safety violations endangering it's equipment.
(8) Save overhead costs for payroll, HR, job supervisors, employee thefts and legal actions.
Sorry folks but the future isn't looking good for increasing our manufacturing job numbers. The ones still holding steady are those in politics. Even they may not be safe. Here's a machine someone invented which could replace congressional members...

The only reason congress hasn't considered it's inception
is it's tied up in a committee's appointed sub-committee study
who is still waiting to appoint civilian members

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  1. If companies keep eliminating jobs, who will be able to buy their products?


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