Saturday, May 5, 2018

Another Trump Whopper

As I said before I've given up trying to fact check every one of Donald's average 4 lies a day since he came into office. Here's one of his latest.

New York Times
Trump Says Obama Administration Failed to Free Three American Hostages Held in North Korea
"FALSE: Of the three Americans currently known to be held in North Korea, two were arrested after Mr. Trump took office — meaning the Obama administration would not have sought their release."

Someone would have a better chance winning at roulette then landing on the truth with this guy.

May 3, 2018

The Next Evening...

Face it. Just about everything that comes out of the president's mouth has to be fact checked. This president's greatest attribute is his ability to create chaotic divisiveness. This and being able to destroy nearly everyone's careers whom allow themselves to come in contact with him. That said. I give Rudy Giuliani about another week or two in the White House.

One of my greatest concerns with Trump is his ongoing war with our judicial system, the FBI and Department of Justice. Trump sees these as his adversaries preventing him from exerting unbridled presidential powers. Good Lord without them he'd be like a bull let loose in a china shop.

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