Friday, April 6, 2018

Obama On Common Sense Gun Laws

There's tons of distractions Trump creates diminishing the focus from those who would like to see gun reforms. The NRA are one among many who'd have others believe Obama and his liberal minions were trying to take away people's gun rights. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Barack Obama- Elkhart, Indiana on June 1, 2016

I'd bet if Trump said this it would be A-OK with his supporters. Heaven help if any Democrat should dare speak such evil. Gun reform is not about guns at all. It's about the religious like beliefs political groupies obsessively cling to.

See here's the thing. Shooters don't hold to either party. We've seen them shoot conservatives. We've seen them shoot liberals. We seen them shoot kids, church goers, shopkeepers and cops of all ages. It should be obvious the problem lies in doing something to help diminish the possibility of some idiot getting a weapon who doesn't give a fig who the hell he/she kills. Our current policy seems to say "what the hell, they're going to get a gun anyway". What a hellva policy!

Many argue cars, knives and nearly everything else can be used to kill. Yes but all those weren't designed for that purpose. Guns are designed to do one thing and one thing only---shoot things (including people). Unlike those items gun manufactures can't even be held legally accountable if a gun is unsafely made and blows up in someone's face. << Strike that. Yes they can. Thanks to someone pointing this mistake out to me.

Then there's the other argument that laws and regulations don't stop people selling or consuming drugs. True, but unlike guns there's no amendment that allows hard drugs to be sold freely or traded among people. Could you only imagine how much worse if the 2nd amendment stated the right of people to own drugs shall not be infringed on. Crazy right?

We don't allow cars to drive on sidewalks and require they stay on the right side of the highway for safety reasons. Same goes with someone jumping into an airplane and flying it without training. Indeed some people do these things anyway, but there's no reason not to try and prevent these kind of safety issues from inflicting harm. What in the world are people thinking when it comes to guns being treated far differently then any other threat to public safety?

Our writers of the constitution could never have imagined over 200 years ago a rifle without flint having to pour powder into to it for a single shot. I'm positive they never could have imagined a 20+ round clip rifle capable of rapid fire being used for anything other then fighting off Indians, wild animals to feed one's family and maybe a wooden ship landing from Spain or England. Are we going to still refuse regulating all future weapon based on the 2nd amendment 200 years from now? . How will we treat home 3d printed laser and sonic weapons as they come along?

The founders intended these single shooters to be used for a "well regulated militia". We now have a "well regulated militia". It's called the defense department. If bows/arrows and sticks were all they had available at the time they would have addressed that in the 2nd amendment. Nay instead all they knew of were "firearms". They did the very best job they could in their time. We owe it to them to do the same. It's imperative that we adapt so not every knucklehead can get their hands on a weapon.

Times have changed drastically. So must we. It's essential we set our political beliefs aside to come up with a common sense solution that will make us all safe for the common good of each and other. Either that or continue to ignore the obvious.


  1. Obviously I don't agree with all the conclusions, but one statement is an outright falsehood: that gun manufacturers can't be sued if an unsafely made gun blows up in someone's face. They certainly can! What they are protected from is being sued for what a 3rd party does with their product. This is only fair, unless you think Budwieser should be liable for the actions of a drunk driver. After all, by the logic of this piece, the only purpose of beer is to get you drunk.


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