Sunday, April 15, 2018

I Developed A low Tolerance For....

(1) Fact checking Trump.
The guy makes stuff up more then anyone I've ever known in my life. Here's one example. FACT CHECK-- "The United States had a trade surplus with China for passenger cars of $8.9 billion in 2017. Exports of cars to China totaled $10.5 billion, while imports from China were $1.6 billion. Yet President Donald Trump claimed that China “won’t take” U.S. cars."

This guy's so FOS it would be an impossible task to keep up with his lies. I could waste hours of my time every day about the kind of BS this clown spews and never ever hope to keep up. It would take an entire staff. I no longer have the will nor tolerance for this. This is why you've seen fewer and fewer post on his BS here. Anyone who wants to be entertained by all the hatred need look no further then DONALD'S OWN TWITTER ACCOUNT if you enjoy that kind of thing.

(2) People's Comments
I've been getting a bunch of BS comments from what appears to be a robotic kind of software trying to butter me up. This along with some really nasty argumentative stuff. Hence why I went back to the comment moderation option. Mostly everywhere I go and some here on this blog (I refused approval of) display an astonishing amount of ignorance and negativity. I had considered eliminating the comment option. I would have if it were not for me wanting people being able to point out when I make mistakes.

(Recently I've blocked over 50+ ridiculous comments)

(3) Constant Bickering
I'm sick of them. Conservatives and liberals are really good at flaming one another. Who doesn't want a better retirement, healthcare, education, public safety, help with their kid's education and a whole host of other things each have in common? Instead each blame the other as if each of the other were not in accord wanting the same as the other.

We are really good at bombing and wrecking things in other countries. What we're not so good at is rebuilding them like we once did after warring with Japan and Germany. What we are seeing these days are endless wars which achieve nothing for us or those in the countless countries we've destroyed. I find it amazing after nuking Japan and destroying Hitler's regime hereafter becoming our friends we are no longer capable of that. Instead we've made the refugees we created unwelcome in perpetuity. This too I have no longer tolerance for.

I'm not too hot on posting on issues which frustrate me. Hence why the recent posts on things which don't piss me off in private as to those which are more positive or entertaining in nature. So too blocking comments from those who dwell on such negativities. The older I get the more I've developed an intolerance for fools such as Trump and those who barter in selfishness creating division against such things I hold dear to the commonality of people which I very much choose to believe in.

David Bowie: December 8, 1983

Live in what ever world you want.
But for me and the future of this blog I choose to live in one with less tolerance for intolerance.

If that means less views.. SO-BE-IT!

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