Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Couple Thoughts On Politics

Whether it's here locally or nationally
here's how the game is played....

As you can see nothing has changed since Carlin's time. In fact it's become worse. It should be evident to anyone with half a brain Trump mastered exploiting this divisiveness gaming his way into office. Nearly every word coming out of his mouth screams "divisiveness" and people continue to eat it up like crazy this very day.

Every minute on social media people are engaging in this very same divisiveness against anyone and anything. If any one is to blame for this mess everyone need look no further then in the mirror at themselves. Voters like to believe "the government" does not clearly represent us. I'd argue what you're looking at is a composite of all of those who engage in this very kind of thing each and every day. Unfortunately all too many Americans are argumentative and dishonest. Why wouldn't government at all levels reflect that?

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