Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Bunch Of Quick Comments

You know what they say about those who fail to learn from history. They are doomed to repeat it. OMG have we learned nothing from the false notion Iraq had WMD's and chemical weapons?

There's no excuse not having a team of scientist from several nations go into this area and make sure there were chemical weapons used in the first place. If so were they dropped from the sky (only al-Assad or Russia could do) OR were they unwittingly set off by conventional bombing of a stash on the ground held by rebel forces?

Seems really stupid to me that either Russia or Syria would want to provoke United States into staying after Trump signaled he wanted to get out. The question is who would gain the most in tricking the United States into staying. Something doesn't smell right.
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Shame the TV show "Lethal Weapon" is such a low rated show. Maybe most don't realize it's comedic in nature due to it's poorly chosen title. Good news. It's likely to be renewed anyway.
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Maven Net
A Congressman's Profanity Laced Tirade in a Safeway Grocery Store
By Erick Erickson
"One of the President's congressional defenders has privately decided he hates Trump and wants to unload.... "If we're going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf**ker," said the congressman as we roamed the aisles of a Safeway grocery store together.

The way moderate Republicans are deserting congress I doubt he's the only one.
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The Senate is grilling Mark Zuckerberg before Congress. I have two thoughts. (1) Republicans are implying Facebook is trying to silence conservatives. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING! Everyday I see plenty of crap posted against so-called libitards. Facebook is an equal opportunity offender. A couple of these clown senators (watching FOX News) cited "Diamond And Silk" complaining how Facebook algorithms worked against them. Well here's a flash. "Diamond And Silk" have THEIR OWN WEBSITE. It's not up to Facebook, Twitter and whatever other sites they use to promote them just because "FOX and Friends" wants to. Boohoo.

(2) The privacy issue. Are you kidding me? People themselves who use Facebook share on posts their medical issues, family photos, locations, political stance and just about anything and everything under the sun. Congress seems to think they need to jam regulations into place. Nobody's forcing people to use these social media sites. Here's a simple solution if people don't want their crap to get out DON'T USE THE DAMN THINGS!
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This is old news, but it may be new to some. Writers who were paid to write the speech for Melania Trump at the Republican National Convention were accused of stealing Michelle Obama's from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Here's a sweet mix mirroring the two.

This was not meant to shame Melania.
Instead the shame should go to those responsible.

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