Sunday, March 18, 2018

To Be An American (Music Video)

Jack Black sings "To Be An American" from "The Polka King"

The Polka King, Netflix Original Film,
starring Jack Black as JAN LEWAN (based in Hazelton, Pa.)

As Donald Trump continues to sidetrack us with his woes let us not forget those lives whose are far more affected. A few months ago all we heard about was DACA and immigration issues. These days it's become all about poor old Donald's mostly self created problems. I truly believe those coming here are seeking to escape violence. Not otherwise as Donald would have us believe.

U.S. citizens once again will have a chance to demonstrate we are a much different nation then what Donald and his pundits imagines it to be in the upcoming elections. Hopefully I won't be disappointed in my fellow Americans if the outcome should turn out otherwise.

I am 100% of the belief the way you win the world over to our side is through admiration and desire to join and become part of one great compassionate and caring society the United States presents to each individual throughout the world. Not out of fear of our military. Violence only begets more violence.

It's up to each and every one us to make a change.
Let us not kid ourselves otherwise.

Send a clear message in the next election. We are a very different people then Donald Trump and his ilk represent. We are not that. We are a nation made of caring compassionate peoples not only unto ourselves but to all peoples.

That's how you beat Russia, China and or other nations in the game for world dominance.

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