Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Stormy Daniels, Who Gives A...

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Says He Would Consider A Settlement In Trump Case
"Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Donald Trump, said on Wednesday morning that he would consider settling the case."

Gee who would have seen this coming. I am certainly no fan of Donald Trump but no one gives one iota who he did or did not have sex with. The lawyer, Donald and the porn star are all the same class of money grabbers. They all deserve each other and whatever wrought they bring upon one another. Same goes with all the cable news channels who are in the same bed with them looking to cash in. Each are looking for a payout who could care less about what best serves the average person living in this country.

I truly wish everyone would focus on what affects us more importantly. Who gives a crap about them. Let's talk about Social Security, Medicare, our debt crises nationally, statewide and locally. The overburden of taxes. The federal government is about to impose tariffs we all will have to pay for while our national debt is ignored. Cops who are going Rambo in far too many cases. Our food and waters being poisoned by chemical overuse. Farm land being swallowed up. Unparalleled divisiveness between conservatives and liberals. You name it-- we have a problem with it that needs solving

Will there ever come a point the American people wake up and realize they are being played against one another by distraction from what really matters? The common bond we each share with one another in our daily lives. It ain't about guns, whether one is a Republican or Democrat. What it really boils down to is are we going to let these divisive clowns fool us into believing we all don't want the same things for ourselves while they accumulate both power and money while driving us apart?

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