Thursday, March 15, 2018

Is John Morganelli A GOP In Dem Clothing?

'Crooks &' posted this-- "Morganelli is not a Democrat. He has demonstrated that his values and policies align with Trump and fellow Republicans. Should Pennsylvania Democrats vote for him in the primary, they will be electing a wolf in sheep's clothing to represent them."

I'm posting this link w/o comment. I'll leave it up to voters after reading the article to decide for themselves.


  1. That's coming from the wingnuts on the far left. John has spoken to the tea party several times. Unlike many other Dems, he did not snub them. He does harbor harsh views about undocumented immigrants, and believes that some of them do come here specifically to commit crimes. But he supports the dreamers. he supported the dreamers long before he decided to run for Congress. He is a conservative, law-and-order Democrat who has been putting crooks and liars in jail for decades. No wonder they don't like him. He also supports unions, Obamacare and common sense gun control.

  2. I didn't know The Lehigh Valley was a hotbed of 'The Radical Left'. Mr. Morganelli seems to be the candidate to represent the pulse of the Lehigh Valley


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