Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Are You, You?

Watch this video and I shall explain why I asked that question.

So okay, suppose teleportation was possible and we are nothing more then a teleported image of our original selves. Does that mean we are who we think we are or just some sort of image of our true self whom we think we to be?

Would one necessarily have to exclude (eliminate) the other?
In other words could our original self coexist at the same time in a separate place?
If so could the two (original and replicate) ever meet?

Religion tells us we were formed in the image of the creator. Could we be nothing more then a product of some superior being's replicator machine fashioned after one of the many facets of itself?

Who knows maybe I AM THE CREATOR and all the rest of you are nothing more then a product of my dreams. Engaging in mental masturbation while asleep, if you will :-)

Reminder To Self
My pharmacy called.

It's time to refill my meds.

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